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“All Israel shall be Saved”

Romans 11:23-32


In this portion of Holy Scripture God the Holy Spirit reveals the purpose of God in casting away the nation of Israel.

      God cast off the physical seed of Abraham, the nation of Israel, shutting them up in spiritual darkness and blindness, because of their determined unbelief, and sent the light of the gospel to the Gentile world that he might save all his elect, Jews and Gentiles, all “the Israel of God,” according to his own eternal purpose of grace in Christ.

That is what the Lord God is doing every day. He is fulfilling his eternal purpose, saving his elect. That is the great mystery of providence (Romans 8:28-30). Nothing is out of order. Nothing has altered God’s purpose or caused the Almighty to change his mind. — “The gifts and callings of God are without repentance.







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