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ŌBecause of UnbeliefĶ

Romans 11:20


AbrahamÕs physical seed is shut up in darkness because of unbelief. — Divine judgment is always just. It is always a matter of just retribution. Unbelief is manÕs damning crime. You who are yet under the wrath of God are condemned in your own consciences and will be condemned forever in hell, in the torments of everlasting darkness and fire, because of unbelief, because you refuse to trust the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:14-19, 36). Unbelief is the rebellion of God hating sinners against God. Unbelief was the original sin of our first parents. Unbelief drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Unbelief calls God a liar. Unbelief is the root and essence, the source and cause of all other sin (Isaiah 59:1-15).







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