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What Are Its Implications?

Romans 1:18-32


In Genesis 19 God sent two angels in the bodies of men to Sodom to destroy the Sodomites and deliver Lot from the city (vv. 1-3). The men of Sodom, moved by perverted lusts, attempted to rape those two men who had come as God's messengers to the city (vv. 4-11). Lot appealed to those beasts not to do so wickedly. But they paid no attention to him.

Until this time, Lot had always managed to get along with the Sodomites by compromise. (Compromise is the only way a righteous man can get along with godless men.) So Lot, thinking that the prostitution of his daughters would be less vile than the homosexual rape of the men in his house, offered to give his virgin daughters to those beastly reprobates, to appease their lusts. They laughed in his face and started to break into his house.

Then the two men God had sent pulled Lot inside and struck the men of Sodom with blindness. The next morning those two angels snatched Lot and his family out of Sodom, and God poured out fire and brimstone from heaven to destroy it (vv. 15-25).


A Reprobate People

The Sodomites were a reprobate people, hardened by the practice of grievous, vile behavior. In Sodom homosexuality had become the normal, dominant way of life. Men with men and women with women, leaving the natural use of the body, commonly practiced things descent people blush to think about. Their sin brought upon them the wrath of God.

Sodomy is still an abomination to God. It is the perverse practice of reprobate rebels, with perverted hearts and minds, acting in a manner that is against nature. Wherever sodomy becomes commonly accepted reprobation is evident. Any society that permits, accepts, and condones the practice of sodomy is under the judgment of God. That is clearly the message of Romans 1:18-28.


Inevitable Conclusions

Romans 1:21-23 asserts that the root cause of sodomy is false religion, religion that robs God of his glory as God and makes man his own god (vv. 28-32), determining for himself good and evil. Anyone even slightly familiar with history knows that throughout history idolatry and sodomy go hand in hand. Whenever men are taught to worship themselves as God, sodomy always follows. Three inevitable conclusions must be drawn from these facts.

1.    Our society is under the judgment of God!

2.    The greatest evil ever perpetrated against humanity is freewill/works religion, giving to man and his freewill the rights and powers that belong to God alone, teaching men to worship themselves as God, attributing to manŐs free will the power that belongs of God.

3.    There is an urgent necessity, in this dark, reprobate age, for the preaching of the gospel of Christ to all who will hear it.







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