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ŇThe Way of CainÓ

Jude 11


The way of Cain represents all who follow the path of freewill/works religion, all who attempt to find acceptance with God upon the basis of something they do.

            The way of Cain always involves envy, the envy that motivates false prophets. Cain envied AbelŐs acceptance by God. Cain envied his brother because God accepted Abel and his sacrifice.

            Jude here tells us that such is the root of all heresy. False prophets, envying the gifts of God bestowed upon his servants and envying the honor put upon faithful gospel preachers by God and his people, seek to draw away disciples after themselves. Like Diotrephes, they love to have the preeminence. They so crave the attention and applause of men that they are willing to destroy immortal souls with their damnable doctrines. — GodŐs servants are not like them (2 Corinthians 4:5-7).







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