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“Christ is All”

Colossians 3:11


Christ is all!” — Just three, short, one syllable words, but words of such great wealth of meaning that I never hope to expound them fully. These three words are the essence and substance of all true Christianity. “Christ is all!” God the Holy Ghost means for us to understand that in all things concerning our souls, the knowledge of God, and the understanding of his Word, in all things relating to eternity and the glory of God, “Christ is all.”

There is, in my opinion, a great need for a book on homiletics, a book on preparing sermons. Spurgeon’s ‘Lectures to My Students’ and Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ ‘Preaching and Preachers’ are both excellent books I recommend that every preacher read. But neither really deals extensively with sermon preparation. There is a great need for a book on sermon preparation. I don’t know of any that are really good. And I know of none that emphasize as they ought the necessity incumbent upon every man who speaks in God’s stead to eternity bound sinners to preach Christ incessantly.


Every Sermon

Were I to write such a book, I would emphasize that necessity. I read something many years ago written by a great old preacher by the name of Rowland Hill. He said, “Every sermon ought to contain the three Rs.” He wasn’t talking about reading, writing, and arithmetic, but about ruin, redemption, and regeneration. The three Rs Mr. Hill said every sermon ought to contain are ruin by the fall, redemption by the blood, and regeneration by the Holy Spirit. Every sermon preached ought to tell us what happened in the Garden. Every sermon ought to tell eternity bound sinners what happened on the cross. And every sermon ought to tell men and women how God saves sinners and what happens in a sinner when God saves him by his grace.


All to be Preached

When God the Holy Ghost tells us “Christ is all,” without question, one thing he intends for us to understand is that Christ is all to be preached (1 Corinthians 2:2). All the message of the Book of God is Jesus Christ and him crucified. Christ is the foundation of all true doctrine and the motive for all godliness. Christ is the message of all true preaching and the object of all true worship. I repeat, Christ is all to be preached for the salvation of God’s elect and for the comfort of his saints, all to be preached for doctrine, reproof, and correction, to inspire and to reprove, to motivate and to guide. There is no portion of Holy Scripture that has been faithfully and truly expounded or preached unless the writer or preacher has shown Christ in it.



Every preacher ought to preach every sermon with urgency, presuming that the people to whom we preach are just a heartbeat out of hell! People who are but a heartbeat from eternity don’t need to hear philosophy, moralisms, laws, rules, history, and denominational dogma. They need a crucified, risen, glorious, gracious, omnipotent Savior! They need the Christ of God.







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