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Media Mania is Not Witnessing


We have greater means of preaching the gospel in our day than was even imaginable just a few years ago. The Internet, with all the forms of social media and countless web pages, is accessible to people all over the world. Let us seize the opportunity before us, finding ways to use these things for the furtherance of the gospel, the glory of God, and the good of immortal souls.

      But do not confuse bombarding people with material with being faithful witnesses. Do not confuse texting a response to every question, or posting an opinion on Facebook with bearing witness for Christ.

      If we would serve the souls of men, we should thoughtfully and prayerfully, look for God the Holy Ghost to open a door, that we may speak a word in season. Rather than bombarding people with literature they will never use, a disk full of mp3 sermons they will never hear, and books they will never read, it might be wise to listen to people, listen as they express the needs of their hearts and the weight of their souls.

      Be ready, always to help. Read good material, listen to your pastorÕs messages. When you hear something that speaks to your own soulÕs needs, get a copy or two of the message to have on hand. When someone expresses an interest in that or a similar matter, you might say, ŌMy pastor preached a sermon on that recently that really helped me. If you would like to hear it, IÕll be glad to get you a copy.Ķ

      Regularly read good, gospel books, bulletin articles, and tracts. Keep brief articles, books, etc. on hand for the same purpose. Do not overload people with material. Give them one, two, maybe three things at a time, but only after getting some sense from the one you want to help that he/she will actually use the material,

      Finally, never give something to someone else to hear or read that you have not personally heard and read with profit to your own soul.







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