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Everyone Limits the Atonement


We believe, according to Holy Scripture, that the Lord Jesus Christ died for and redeemed GodŐs elect, all the elect, and only the elect. He shed his blood for those who are actually saved by his blood.

Without question, everyone believes in limited atonement, in one sense or another. The will-worship Arminian believes that the atonement is limited in power and efficacy, that its power and efficacy is limited by the will, choice, and decision of man, that man by his act of faith makes the blood of Christ effectual to himself. That is damning heresy.

We believe that our LordŐs atonement is limited not in merit, power, and efficacy (There is no limit to that!), but in its purpose, intention, design, and scope. — Christ died for GodŐs elect, made atonement for GodŐs elect, redeemed GodŐs elect, obtained eternal salvation for GodŐs elect, all GodŐs elect, and only GodŐs elect. That is the doctrine of the Bible (Isaiah 53:8; Hebrews 9:12).







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