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Dressing for Worship


I am not about to establish a dress code for our worship services; but I abhor the casual, sometimes immodest attire that has become common in many places. In the house of God, attending the worship of God in the assembly of his saints, we ought to dress for worship, as people who take the worship of God seriously and come to the house of God respectfully. I know everything today is geared toward casual attire, because everything today is geared toward disrespect and utter disregard for others. Let us, out of reverence for our God, respect for one another, and the honor of the gospel of the grace of God, dress with some dignity when we come to the house of God. Do not over-dress, calling attention to yourself; and do not under-dress, showing a disregard for the worship of God. In the house of God especially, let us all adorn ourselves in “modest apparel.” Shorts and T-shirts are fine for the beach, fishing, and farming but not for the house of God.







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