All doctrinal systems, all religious systems place some limits upon the atonement of Christ. Those who believe that Christ shed his blood to make atonement for all without exception, those who are saved as well as those who perish, of necessity LIMIT THE MERIT OF CHRIST'S BLOOD AND THE EFFICACY OF HIS ATONEMENT. They tell us that Christ died to redeem everyone, that his blood was shed to make atonement for everyone. Yet, many for whom Christ died, according to their doctrine, are lost forever in hell. That limits the power and merit of Christ's blood! It makes the power of his blood and the efficacy of his atonement to be dependent upon the decision of the sinner! Such a limitation is contrary to the Scriptures and contrary to the character of God. It must not be tolerated.

We who believe the gospel avow that THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE POWER OF CHRIST'S BLOOD OR TO THE EFFICACY OF HIS ATONEMENT. Jesus Christ is God. All for whom he made atonement must be saved. Therefore, we assert, according to the Scriptures that THE DESIGN, INTENTION, AND SCOPE OF THE ATONEMENT MUST BE LIMITED. It is limited to God's elect, to those who are actually saved by it. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR AND EFFECTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED THE ETERNAL REDEMPTION OF GOD'S ELECT. Is this the doctrine of Holy Scripture? Indeed it is! It is written, "For the transgression of MY PEOPLE was he stricken." "By his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having OBTAINED ETERNAL REDEMPTION FOR US."

Wherever you find the subject of redemption and atonement by the death of Christ discussed or illustrated in the Word of God, it is always presented as an effectual work accomplished for a particular people. It is never suggested or implied that Christ died for all men, or made atonement for all men. Just as the paschal lamb was sacrificed only for the people of Israel in the Old Testament, CHRIST THE TRUE PASSOVER WAS SACRIFICED ONLY FOR THE ISRAEL OF GOD.

The Arminian theory of the atonement is like a very wide, but incomplete bridge. It is wide enough for everyone, but it only reaches halfway to heaven. Such a bridge is altogether useless! The gospel doctrine of the atonement is a bridge somewhat more narrow, but it reaches all the way to glory. Nothing is lacking. Nothing is left for the sinner to complete.