“Beware of False Prophets!”

Another Mark By Which False Prophets May Be Identified

Matthew 7:15


The Lord Jesus Christ warns us repeatedly to Beware of false prophets!” There are many, many reasons for this warning; but one prominent reason is this: -- False prophets proclaim cheap grace, not free and sovereign grace, but cheap and meaningless grace. So hear the warning and pay heed it.


      Beware of false prophets!” Here is another characteristic, another identifying mark set forth in Holy Scripture by which false prophets may be readily unmasked and exposed. I want you to give me your undivided attention for just another four minutes and carefully search the Scriptures to see whether or not what I tell you is the truth. I want you to check everything I say with the Word of God. If what I say is not clearly revealed in this Book, then do not hear me today and do not hear me ever again. But if what I have to say comes directly out of the Book of God, you must either hear me now or wish you had heard me when judgment day comes. Here is another mark by which false prophets are identified. -- False prophets make salvation much cheaper than our Lord does (Luke 18:18-27; 14:25-33).


True Christianity


If you asked me, “What does it cost to be a Christian?” My answer would be this: -- “Nothing from you, but all of you!” That is exactly what our Lord told those who came to him, wanting to be numbered among his disciples.


      True Christianity is much more than a religious decision, a moral reformation, a fit of religious excitement, believing a creed, or giving assent to certain facts. True Christianity is the surrender of your heart, the willing, voluntary surrender of your heart to the dominion of Christ as your rightful Lord. Faith, true faith involves surrender. I do not mean that you must make the Son of God your Lord, or let him be your Lord. Jesus Christ is your Lord. You have nothing to do with that. But faith gladly surrenders to his dominion as Lord.


      This is what the Lord Jesus declared to the rich young ruler; and this what he declares to us all. This surrender is so contrary to man’s heart and nature, so contrary to man’s natural depravity and enmity against God that when the disciples heard what our Master required of that rich young ruler, they said, “Who then can be saved?” They knew that no man could or would, by nature, of his own will, surrender to the dominion of Christ. Then, the Lord Jesus taught us the great fact that with men salvation is utterly impossible; but he who is the God of all grace can and shall make his people willing in the day of his power. God almighty can save any man, for “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God!


No Surrender No Salvation


Faith in Christ involves surrender to Christ as your Lord. Until you have surrendered to him, you have not believed on him. To believe him is to trust him as your Lord to save you, to possess you, yours, and all that you have for his own glory, to rule you, and to dispose of all things as he sees fit. God help you now to trust Christ as your Lord.                                                           Amen.