Should believers celebrate Christmas?


      No one knows the day of our Lord’s incarnation. The Holy Spirit did not reveal it to us. And, as believers, we must not be brought into a bondage observance of any day. We must not honor one day above another. We do not observe holy days and sabbath days of any kind. To be sure, the world’s observance of Christmas has little, if anything, to do with the worship and honour of Christ. For these reasons, and many others, some of the Lord’s people conscientiously choose not to join in any form of Christmas celebration. I respect their opinions and convictions - I must, because I once shared them. While we must not look upon those who differ with us in scorn or contempt (Rom. 14:1-5), I believe it is best for us wisely to use this season of the year.


Christ Came


      At this season of the year people everywhere are reminded of the fact that Jesus Christ lived and died in this world. At this season of the year virtually everyone in this world is confronted with the fact that 2000 years ago God almighty assumed human flesh and came into this world. Most have no idea who Christ is, why he came, what he did, or where he is now. But they cannot escape the fact that the Son of God came into this world. Above all else, I have chosen to celebrate Christmas, because it gives me an open door for preaching the gospel for the honor of Christ and the salvation of men. This season of the year gives me an opportunity to tell sinners the good news of grace, salvation and eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ, by virtue of his sin-atoning sacrifice at Calvary and the power of his almighty grace.


A Time for Giving


      Another motive for celebrating this season of the year is the fact that it is a time for giving. It does my heart good to see men and women engaged in seeking the happiness of other people. Such a spirit should be encouraged and nourished, not dampened and reprimanded. Giving is always good. I grant that most giving at Christmas time has little to do with real generosity and sacrifice; but giving is always good. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were as thoughtful, generous, and caring the year round as they are at Christmas time? May God give me such a spirit.


A Time for Families


      And Christmas is a time for the family. More than at any other season of the year, families try to get together for Christmas. All the children come home with all their children. It is truly a happy time. I am for anything that promotes such warm family feelings of love and joy.


      Yes, I think that it is best for us to celebrate Christmas, not as a religious holy day, but for the remembrance of that blessed event when the Son of God assumed our nature, that he might live and die as our Substitute and accomplish our eternal redemption. December 25 is nothing to us. But Immanuel is everything to God’s elect. We will magnify our Lord, our Savior, our King for his birth! He was born at Bethlehem that he might die at Calvary, and obtain eternal redemption for his people! Surely, no one can find fault with us celebrating such a glorious Savior!


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