"Epaphras our dear fellowservant, who is for you a faithful minister of Christ." -- Colossians 1:7


Paul could not have commended Epaphras more highly than he did when he called him, "a faithful minister of Christ." Blessed is the man, blessed is the church, blessed is the community to whom God is pleased to give "a faithful minister of Christ!" How I pray that their numbers may increase. We do not need more preachers. We have an abundance of lazy, half-hearted, self-seeking, self-serving, hard-hearted preachers. The last thing the Church of God needs is another man to volunteer for and thrust himself into the ministry. But we do desperately need some faithful men. Never was the need greater and the supply fewer than today. The Church of Christ needs some faithful men to fill her pulpits.


The Glory of God


We need who are faithful to the glory of God, men whose primary, life-governing concern is for the glory of God, men who are sold out to Christ, sold out to the gospel of his grace, sold out to the cause of his glory, men who will live by the gospel and for the gospel alone.


The Work of the Gospel


We need men who are faithful to the work of the gospel. That man is faithful to the gospel who gives his life to it. You will find a faithful pastor in his study, seeking an understanding in Divine Truth, praying for God's elect, seeking a message from God. A faithful pastor gives himself ardently to the work of the ministry. He does not serve leftovers to God's children (warmed up, rehashed outlines!). He serves manna, bread from heaven, gathered fresh everyday! He comes to the pulpit fresh from the throne of God, with a message from God, for the people of God.


The Souls of Men


We need men who are faithful to the souls of men. Faithful men seek not the possessions of their hearers, but their souls. The only man who will deal honestly with your soul is the man who wants nothing from you.


Their Lives


We need men who are faithful in their lives. Those who speak to men in the name of God must be blameless men of good report in their homes and communities. If those who know us best have no respect for us, it is because we deserve no respect. Pastors must be men of principle, honesty, and integrity.


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