Revelation 20:11-15


John saw "a great white throne" upon which the Son of God will sit to judge the world in the last day. It is "great", because it is the throne of the great, omnipotent God. It is "white", because it is pure, spotless, righteous, and just. It is a "throne", because from here the will of the sovereign Lord and King of the universe is perfectly executed. In the last day we must all appear before this august, great white throne to be judged according to strict righteousness, justice, and truth. Here are five things that will surely come to pass. If you care for your immortal soul, lay them to heart.


1.     THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN. That very same God-man who died at the hands of sinners will come to judge all men (Acts 17:31).


2.     WHEN CHRIST COMES, THERE WILL BE A GREAT, GENERAL RESURRECTION OF ALL WHO HAVE EVER LIVED UPON THE EARTH (John 5:28-29). The dead in Christ shall rise first. Then all the believers living at the time will be changed. At last, all the wicked shall be raised.


3.     IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE RESURRECTION, WE MUST ALL BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO THE RECORD OF OUR WORKS (2 Cor. 5:10). Everyone will be judged by the record of his sin in the books of God's law. But there are some against whom no crime is written (Jer. 50:20). They shall be judged according to the record of the book of life. It is the book of the life of the Lamb. It contains a record of Divine election, perfect righteousness, full redemption, and eternal life!


4.     ALL WHO ARE FOUND PERFECTLY RIGHTEOUS, ACCORDING TO GOD'S OWN RECORD, SHALL ENTER INTO EVERLASTING GLORY WITH CHRIST. They are perfectly righteous only because they have Christ as their Substitute. His blood has cleansed them of all sin. His righteousness has been imputed to them. These righteous ones are all those who believe the gospel of Christ!


5.     ALL WHO ARE FOUND GUILTY OF SIN SHALL BE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE, TO SUFFER THE UNMITIGATED WRATH OF GOD FOREVER. These damned ones are all the wicked, those who refuse to trust the merits of Christ, the Substitute. They have no atonement. They must forever die!





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