"Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble."                                                                                                   -- James 2:19


Did you know that Satan and the very demons of hell believe all the truth? They have a faith. And their faith is thoroughly orthodox. They are all Trinitarians. They are all five point Calvinists. There is not an Arminian, or a free willer among them. They know that the Bible is the Word of God, that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, that he is the sovereign Lord of all things, and that there is a judgment to come.


And you can be sure of this: -- As the devils themselves are thoroughly orthodox in their doctrine, every human soul now suffering the wrath of God in hell is orthodox in doctrine too. When the departed spirits of lost men and women open their eyes in hell, at that very moment, they open their eyes to all the truth of God. There is not an Arminian, free-willer among all the fallen spirits; and there is not one to be found among the damned in hell.


Augustus Toplady was exactly right in his assertion that "As there are no heretics in heaven, so there are none in hell. It is only on earth that men have the dreadful prerogative of out sinning the very devils themselves."


Arius is not an Arian now. Pelagius is not a Pelagian now! Arminius is not an Arminian now! Wesley is not a Weslian now! Russell is not a Russellite now! Campbell is not a Campbellite now! The Popes now departed are not Papists now! Fallen spirits and lost souls in hell are forced, against their wills, to believe all the truth.


The difference between the faith of devils and the faith of God's elect is just this: GOD'S SAINTS HAVE RECEIVED THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH. Believers know the truth, but more, -- we rejoice in it, -- rely upon it, -- live by it, -- experience its power, -- and love it!


We see the truth embodied in a Person, and we love that Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The demons and the damned in hell believe what they hate and wish it was not true. We believe what we desire to be true, and give thanks to know that it is. With us, truth is not a religious theory, a system of abstract theology, or a position. It is life. Truth to us is not a denominational creed, but the knowledge and confession of the Lord Jesus Christ our great God and Savior.


            Do you know and love the truth? Have you been so taught of God that you have received the love of the truth? Has God the Holy Spirit given you a love for Christ and the election love of God in him? Has the Lord God stamped on your heart the wonders of effectual blood atonement, irresistible grace, and infallible preservation in Christ? If, in this day of wholesale apostasy and will worship, God has graciously caused you to receive the love of the truth, rejoice and give thanks to him. Your love of the truth is evidence of his electing love toward you.              AMEN.


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