Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your soul” -- 1 Peter 1:9


What is salvation? What does it take to save a sinner? How do men and women get saved? Men talk about "the plan of salvation," "the decision of salvation," "the prayer of salvation," "the experience of salvation," and even "the water of salvation." But according to the words of Peter, given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the salvation of your soul involves six things.


1.     SALVATION BEGINS WITH GOD'S SOVEREIGN ELECTION (v. 2). Everything begins with God. Nothing begins with man. The cause of election was the foreknowledge (foreordination) of God the Father. The immutable security of election is the seal of God the Holy Spirit. And the singular condition of election was the obedience of God the Son as the Substitute for God's elect.


2.     THE FIRST EXPERIENCE OF SALVATION IS A MERCIFUL REGENERATION (v. 3). The cause of the new birth is God's abundant mercy. The result of the new birth is a living hope. The power of the new birth is the resurrection of Christ.


3.     WE ARE KEPT ALIVE, KEPT IN GRACE, KEPT IN SALVATION, BY GOD'S OMNIPOTENT PRESERVING GRACE (vv. 4-7). Christ has reserved an inheritance for us in heaven. And Christ our God preserves us in the earth until we obtain our heavenly inheritance. He even preserves us in the midst of our fiery trials, making even the trial of our faith a precious means of preserving faith.


4.     THIS SALVATION ALSO INVOLVES A BLESSED ANTICIPATION. Believers live upon the tiptoe of faith, expecting, looking for "praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ."


5.     THE SALVATION OF OUR SOULS INVOLVES A DELIGHTFUL CONSECRATION TOO (v. 8). God's saints are men and women who consecrate themselves to Christ in sincere love. Though we see him not, believing him, we love him and rejoice in him.


6. THIS SALVATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY FAITH (v. 9). This gift was bought by Christ. It belongs to him. You cannot earn it. But it is a gift which Christ delights to bestow upon needy sinners. Trust him, and this salvation is yours.



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