“What think ye of Christ?” --  Matthew 22:42



Most people go to hell asking questions about religious matters. One of Satan's most deceptive snares, whereby the souls of men are blinded to the glory of Christ, is religious curiosity and debate. The Herodians asked, "Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar?" The Sadduccees were curious about the resurrection body. The Pharisees asked, "Which is the great commandment in the law?"


The point is this - Most People avoid dealing with the real soul-searching issues of the gospel by giving themselves up to vain questions about religion. Religious people are still asking the same questions as the Herodians, Sadducees, and Pharisees. Who will be the greatest in heaven? What kind of body will we have in the resurrection? Who are the guests at the marriage feast? What does the law say? And they are, like their predecessors, going to hell, because they miss the one issue which is of eternal consequence. When all is said and done, there is only one question that really matters. It is the question our Lord asked of the religious infidels of his day. This is the question I hope he will cause you to consider today. “What think ye of Christ?”


I am not asking, When were you saved? I do not ask, What church you attend? I do not even ask, What do you believe? I want you to seriously and honestly answer just one question before God. – “What think ye of Christ?” My friend, your eternal destiny hinges upon your ability to answer that question properly. Nothing else is of any real importance but this – What think ye of Christ?”


We must have A BIBLICAL ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION. If we cannot answer that question with “thus saith the Word of the Lord,” we do not know Christ. Every believer thinks of Christ biblically.


We think that Jesus Christ is the perfect and eternal God. We think he is the perfect representative man. He came to this earth with a mission to accomplish. He came here to save his people. The God-man was born at Bethlehem to die at Calvary. We think that Jesus Christ actually accomplished the redemption of his people, through his one sacrifice for sin. We think according to the Scriptures, that he now sits upon the throne of glory as the sovereign Lord of all things. To think anything less than this of Christ is to think contrary to God's revelation. But our text speaks of more than mere doctrinal knowledge.


We must also have AN EXPERIMENTAL ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION. Believers know Christ experimentally, by divine revelation. How do you think of Christ? Those who are truly born-again have been taught of God, and learned to think properly of Christ.


We think that Christ alone is precious. Christ is our only hope of acceptance with God. We think of Christ with all confidence, expectation, and desire. He is all; and he is our all before God (1 Cor. 1:30). Christ is all to be trusted, all to be loved, all to be preached, all to be hoped for. He is all in earth and all in heaven, all in time and all in eternity. Jesus Christ is all in all!



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