“Bringing many Sons Unto Glory”

Heaven The Place Called Glory                 Hebrews 2:10


Heaven is that place which is called Glory in Holy Scripture, and God’s great work of salvation and grace is call, “bringing many sons unto glory.” In Hebrews 2:10, that great work of salvation and grace, which God almighty undertook in eternity, the work which God is now performing and shall finish, is described as "bringing many sons unto glory." Let every believer rejoice. The Lord God is bringing us to glory; and he will not rest until his work is done!


As the Lord God brought Israel out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, through the wilderness, over the Jordan, and into the land of Canaan, so he will bring all his chosen unto glory by his own mighty hand of grace. The ultimate destination of God's elect is glory, eternal glory. Not one of God's elect will fail to attain it. “Not a hoof shall be left behind!” Not one true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ will fail to attain perfect, complete salvation at the right hand of the Majesty on high.


Wherever God gives grace he will give glory. “The Lord will give grace and glory.” Both grace and glory are the gifts of God; and where he gives the one he gives the other also. As he does not give grace by degrees, so neither will he give glory by degrees. There are no back settlements in the heavenly Canaan, where second class saints will be forced to live in shame because they were not as good as others. What nonsense! There are no slums in the New Jerusalem! God is bringing his people into glory, not degrees of glory.


Whoever he was who devised that abominable notion that there are degrees of glory and degrees of heavenly reward to be given to the saints, depending upon their works on earth, knew nothing of the gospel of the free grace of God in Christ. Such doctrine is as utterly baseless and was devised for the very same reasons as the Roman doctrine of purgatory. It is a shameless attempt to bribe ungodly men women into godliness! Heaven is not a conditional reward, based upon and given according to our works. Oh, no! Heaven is but the consummation of salvation, the work, and gift, and operation of free grace in Christ.


Heaven is not a place of sorrow, but of unmitigated gladness. Heaven is not a place of punishment, but of unceasing pleasure. Heaven is not a place of grief, but of indescribable glory. Did you catch that? Heaven is Glory! Heaven is a glorious place. The Holy Spirit uses the word "glory" interchangeably with the word "heaven." He makes the two terms synonymous.


Heaven is a glorious place. Countless books have been written about it. We sing hymns about it and preach sermons about it; but really we know very little about it. "As it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Cor. 2:9). Heaven is glory; but we will never know the glory of glory until we are in glory. Come, O Lord, come quickly; and give us that glory!   Amen.


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