Matthew 20:32


            Joshua, that man by whom the walls of Jericho fell, on one occasion commanded the sun to stand still in the midst of heaven. And at the command of a man “the sun stood still.” We are told, “There was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lord hearkened unto the voice of a man” (Jos. 10:14). But here is a thing even more remarkable. The Lord Jesus Christ, “the Sun of Righteousness,” as he was coming up out of Jericho on his way to Jerusalem to redeem his people, heard two blind beggars crying to him for mercy. At the sound of their cry, we are told, “Jesus stood still!”


            What a wonderful, amazing picture is here drawn by the pen of inspiration! Here is the omnipotent God stopped in his tracks, held fast by the cry of two needy souls seeking his mercy. He was on his way to Jerusalem to accomplish the redemption of his people, to fulfill the will of God, to finish the work set before him for the glory of God. Nothing had been able to stop him, deter him from his work, or even cause him to pause. But two blind beggars crying for mercy, two helpless souls looking to him for grace and help, believing him, crying out to him, stopped the Son of God in his tracks. “Jesus stood still!” There are lessons to be learned here that are of more value than gold.


            Faith is frequently found where it is least expected. Multitudes followed the Lord Jesus as he walked along and taught the people - Some for loaves and some for love - Some for greed and some for grace - Some out of curiosity and some out of conviction. But there were very few in the crowd who believed on Christ. Many who saw his mighty miracles did not believe on him. But these two blind men never saw any of the Lord’s miracles. They knew of him only by the hear-say testimony of others. Yet, “when they heard” they believed.


            If we hope for mercy, we must avail ourselves of every means of good to our souls. When they heard that “Jesus passed by,” these two men were found “sitting in the way.” They said to themselves, “He who healed the blind man on the other side of town is going to be passing by here. He may never pass this way again. If we are to be healed, it must be now. Let’s sit down `in the way.’ Perhaps he will heal us too!” If you care for your soul, do not despise God’s appointed means of grace (Rom. 10:17; II Tim. 3:15). Put yourself “in the way” of blessing, in the place where mercy is most likely to be found (Matt. 18:20; Heb. 10:25). And seek the Lord in earnest prayer (Jer. 29:12-13).


            How compassionate the Son of God is to needy sinners! “Jesus passed by.” He visited these men in prevenient grace, giving them blindness, so that in “the time of love” they would be found “in the way” as he passed by in saving mercy - Blessed blindness! When he heard their prayer, “Jesus stood still!” He called them to himself. And he touched them! What condescending grace. “Immediately their eyes received sight and they followed him.” Faith always obtains mercy. It never goes away from Jesus Christ empty-handed!



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