Colossians 1:27


            Vital Christianity, all true religion, all true spiritual life is set before us by the Holy Spirit in these seven words: “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Vital Christianity is real Christianity. Anything less than this is a satanic, religious delusion. Here vital Christianity is presented in three ways:


            THE ESSENCE OF IT - “Christ.” In Christianity “Christ is all.” He is the mystery of the gospel (I Tim. 3:16), the riches of the gospel (Eph. 1:3; 3:8), and the glory of the gospel (John 1:14). The essence of godliness, the essence of the gospel, the essence of vital Christianity is not a doctrinal creed, a code of conduct, a denominational name, or an emotional experience, but a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Son of God came into this world, assuming our nature, that he might save his people from their sins. Only the incarnate God could do the work. And he has finished it completely (Dan.9:24; Rom.8:34; Heb.10:10-14). This name, or title, by which our Savior is commonly known, “Christ,” includes all his covenant offices. He is our Prophet, Priest, and King. He is our Savior, Surety, and Prince. Christ is our Head, Representative, and Substitute, our Daysman, Mediator, and Savior. In all things and at all times I lean the weight of my immortal soul upon him. Christ is my all! He was my all in the covenant of blessing (Eph. 1:3), his life of obedience (Rom. 5:19), his death at Calvary (Gal. 3:13), and his resurrection glory (Eph. 2:6). Christ is my all as my Advocate in heaven (I John 2:1-2). And he shall be my all in the day of judgment (Rev. 21:27; 22:11). Child of God, whatever Christ did, we have done in him. Whatever Christ is, we are in him. Whatever he has, we must have. Wherever he is, we must be! Be sure you understand this - Christ himself is the essence of Christianity and salvation (Lk. 2:30; I Cor. 1:30). Christ alone could satisfy the justice of God. He alone can quieten your conscience, inspire and govern your life, make your soul content, and sustain your heart in the hour of death.


            THE EXPERIENCE OF IT - “Christ in you.” Christ in heaven is wonderful. Christ in the gospel is beautiful. Christ in others is hopeful. But Christ in you is salvation! If Christ is in you, he came to be in you by God’s almighty, irresistible, sovereign grace (Eph. 2:1-4). “Christ in you” is Christ born in you (II Pet. 1:4), received by you (John 1:12-13), and possessed by you. When something is in you, it is your property and can never be taken from you (John 6:54-56). Christ in you is Christ reigning your life from within, transforming you into his likeness, and radiating from you (II Cor. 5:17; Gal. 2:20; Acts 4:13).


            THE EXPECTATION OF IT - “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Christ is our hope (Lam. 3:24-26). And he is a good hope (II Thess. 2:16). Therefore, we have every reason to expect glory. The Lord God, who brought us grace will bring us to glory (Psa. 84:11). The covenant of grace, the intercession of Christ, and the seal of the Holy Spirit assure every believer of glory in all its fullness!


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