Acts 24:25


            When Paul preached to Felix “concerning the faith in Christ…Felix trembled.” Would to God he might cause you not only to tremble before him, but also to bow to him in faith, for Christ’s sake. Blessed is that soul which trembles with guilt before God, convinced of his sin by the Holy Spirit.


I am always thankful to see people concerned for their souls. It is a hopeful sign. Most people care more about their dogs and cats than they do their immortal souls, the glory of God, and eternity. So it is a very great mercy to be made to think and be concerned about such matters. I am always hopeful that God may be dealing with a sinner who is troubled about his lost condition. We do not, by nature, like the uneasiness which such matters cause. We are most naturally prone to shake them off, or find the easiest and quickest relief possible so that we can sleep again.


            That is exactly what Felix did. He trembled under the Word of God. His conscience was pricked. His heart was troubled. But Felix made the woeful mistake of waiting, of postponing what he knew he must do. He convinced himself that he would, at a more convenient time, call for God’s messenger and seek his grace. He never did! What a fool he is who trifles with death so near and judgment so sure! If you are truly concerned for your soul, you will be wise to pray that God will not allow that concern to die and will not allow you to find rest until you rest in the arms of Christ.


            Yet, you must never imagine that concern for your soul is salvation. Conviction is necessary. No sinner was ever saved who did not experience the convicting work of the Holy Spirit (John 16:8-11). But conviction is not conversion. Many are awakened, like Felix, to see that they are lost, who quickly silence their fears and go on to hell. Many who are thoughtful about their souls for a time yet die in their sins. Just this morning, I read of a man who said to a friend, “I’m having a lot of pain in my chest. I seem to have an unusual heartbeat.” He knew something was wrong. His friend said, “You better go to the hospital.” He agreed that he needed to do just that. But there was some other pressing business that needed to be taken care of first. While he was taking care of the other important business (Umpiring a baseball game!), he fell dead with a heart attack! It will do you no good to know that you are a sinner, to know that you need the Savior, to know that you must be washed in his blood and robed in his righteousness, unless you actually come to Christ, trusting his blood and his righteousness alone to give you acceptance with the holy Lord God. One of Satan’s most clever tricks, by which he deceives the souls of men, is to convince a sinner that he cannot come to Christ until he has first experienced a certain measure of despair. He would have you go to hell questioning whether you are really aware of your sinfulness.


            Do not be so foolish. Salvation is at hand (Rom. 10:8-13). “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31). It really is that simple. It is not what you feel that saves, but what Christ felt. It is not what you endure hat saves, but what he endured. Salvation is not knowing that you are lost. It is knowing Christ (John 17:3). If you believe on the Son of God salvation is yours!














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