Hebrews 12:2


In these three words, we are given the whole secret of life. May God the Holy Spirit give us grace to heed them that we may ever be found “looking unto Jesus.” Sometime back I ran across an excellent outline on this subject by Adolphe Monod. The boldfaced words are his outline.


"Looking unto Jesus" in the Scriptures we discover who he is, what he has done, why he did it, and where he is now. The Book of God speaks of him. Its purpose is to reveal him. Happy is that sinner who finds the Treasure that is buried in the Field of Inspiration.


"Looking unto Jesus" incarnate we behold God come to save, our Representative, Substitute, Federal Head, Mediator and covenant Surety, by whose obedience chosen sinners are made the righteousness of God.


"Looking unto Jesus" crucified, we see justice satisfied. Here we learn how that God can be both just and the Justifier of sinners. In Jesus’ sin-atoning blood we find ransom, pardon, and peace. In the crucified Christ we meet the just God who is our Savior.


"Looking unto Jesus" risen again, we see the receipt written out in capital letters - “PAID IN FULL!” The risen Christ is God’s public declaration that he is fully satisfied with the sacrifice of his darling Son as payment for our sins, payment for our ransom. The risen Christ allows us, unworthy as we are in ourselves, to approach the holy Lord God with full assurance of acceptance in him, because he has made us worthy of acceptance.


"Looking unto Jesus" glorified, we  find in him our great High Priest and all-prevailing Advocate in heaven. There he ever appears in the presence of God, making intercession for us, according to the will of God. The meritorious efficacy of his blood, his righteousness, and his person assure us that none shall perish, or even be charged with a single sin for whom this great Savior intercedes.


"Looking unto Jesus" and not to our faith. It is not our faith that saves us, but Christ. We are not saved by looking unto our look; it is by looking unto Jesus.


"Looking unto Jesus" and not to our strength nor our weakness. We are not to look to our gifts or lack of them. We are not to look to our good works, or lack of them. We are not to look to our devotion, or lack of it. We are not to look to our faithfulness, or lack of it. Christ is our only hope, our only Savior, and our only assurance.


It is "looking unto Jesus" alone that is salvation. Look to Jesus always and for everything. In all circumstances, in all conditions, in all experiences, good and bad, look unto Jesus alone! Let us be found “looking unto Jesus” until he comes again to call us home in death or in the resurrection at the last day, and "we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is."



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