Don Fortner

What is it that every woman wants and needs from a man? I know that we are living in a day which promotes masculinity among women and femininity among men. And we are beginning to reap the consequences of that foolish trend in society. Our society has produced a generation of effeminate men; and no woman wants such a man for a husband. She will neither respect him nor obey him. EVERY WOMAN NEEDS AND WANTS A MAN WHO IS A REAL MAN. The word of God makes it very plain that a woman needs a man upon whom she can depend, a man to provide for her, a man to protect her, a man to love her, and a man to rule over her. It is the responsibility of every husband to rule and govern his household for the glory of God. Such a responsibility requires firmness and manliness. It does not require harshness and severity. But it does require firmness. A man can be gentle, loving and tender, and still be firm. A husband's word must be law in his household. EVERY WOMAN NEEDS AND WANTS A MAN WHO IS DEPENDABLE. Your wife needs to be able to depend on you. It is not possible for a woman to respect a man who is lazy and irresponsible. She needs to know that you will provide for her and the children. She needs to know that you will protect them and take care of them. If you will show responsibility, reliability, dependability as a man, it is very likely that your wife will give you the respect which a man should have. If she can count on you through thick and thin, she will. EVERY WOMAN NEEDS AND WANTS A MAN WHO IS GENTLE, TENDER, LOVING AND THOUGHTFUL. These things are in no way contrary to manliness. In fact, they are essential to true manliness. It is commanded "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it" (Eph. 5:25). Women need sexual attention and gratification every bit as much as men do. So you men should make it your business to be thoughtful, tender, and passionate in making love to your wives. Probably most men need more instruction in this area than women. Usually men are shamefully selfish sexually. They seldom make love to their wives. But this thing of tenderness, gentleness, and thoughtfulness goes far beyond the bedroom. It extends to every aspect of family life. I cannot imagine any excuse for a man neglecting his wife. You ought never to forget a birthday or anniversary. But you should be even more thoughtful than that. It is amazing how far an unexpected flower arrangement goes toward making a womants day, or a gift of any kind, small or great, just something to let her know that you think of her. This is what I am saying BE A GENTLEMAN, courteous, thoughtful, and caring. Women love affectionate words, thoughtful gestures, and special attention, almost as much as men do. In your speech and in your actions be tender, thoughtful, loving, and gentle. I am sure that your wife will respond favorably to it.

These three things every woman wants and needs in a man: FIRMNESS, DEPENDABILITY, AND TENDERNESS. No woman wants to be married to a bully or to a sissy. But I have never yet seen a man who was firm, dependable, and tender fail to win the respect of his wife and children. If you are a good husband, it is very likely that you will have a good wife.