Part 1


What do those people out at Grace Baptist Church believe? What is the difference between Grace Baptist Church and the other churches in the Danville area? Those are Questions which I have been asked by a number of people. There are many who would like to answer those questions for us; but we would prefer to answer them ourselves.

To be sure, Grace Baptist Church is different. We are not like any other religious organizations in town. In fact, if there were any other churches in Danville who believed what we do and preached the gospel of God's grace in Christ, there would be no need for our existence. Grace Baptist Church stands out in stark contrast to the religious world around us.

In most churches this slogan has become very popular - "This is the church where everybody is somebody." The doctrine and the practices of most churches make it evident that everybody is somebody. They have special programs for every group. They try very hard to please everyone and make everyone feel important. The church of the 20th century has seemingly set for its goal the very easy and very carnal task of making everyone feel good about himself. Unlike the apostolic church of the New Testament which called for all men everywhere to bow down and repent, modern Christianity calls for all men everywhere to stand up and be counted. Well, at Grace Baptist Church, we have a slogan too, a slogan that represents our doctrine and practices. Here we say, "Everybody is nobody." We refuse to pamper and honor human pride. We exist not for the honor of men, but for the honor of Christ. We preach not to make men feel good about themselves, but to make men seek the Lord. We do not have any ball teams, concerts, plays, or other forms of entertainment to attract people. We have one very special program to meet the needs of men and women of all ages. Our special, very unique program is the preaching of the gospel of Christ. Every service at Grace Church is a worship service, with an emphasis on the preaching of the gospel of Christ.

Grace Church is a Baptist Church in a strict historical sense. That is to say, we believe, and preach, and practice what Baptist have believed, preached, and practiced throughout the centuries. We do not have any denominational affiliation. We do not have any man or group of men at the head of our church. Jesus Christ the Lord is our only Head, our only Master, and our only King. We bow to no authority but his. We subject ourselves to no creed but the Word of God.

At Grace Baptist Church you will never find a political rally, either for conservatives or for liberals. Our concern is not for a man's political persuasion, but for his soul. At Grace Church you will never experience those long, drawnout, high-pressured "altar calls", or invitations to make a decision. No one will try to pressure you or your children to do something you do not want to do. We simply believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. We preach the gospel to men, pray for them, and wait upon God to graciously save sinners. We rejoice when God truly saves a person. But we shudder and tremble at the thought of pressuring either adults or children into making a false profession of faith in Christ.

If you are tired of meaningless religious ritualism, if you are tired of going to church and hearing nothing of any real value to your soul, if you are tired of going through the motions of worship, you are welcome to come and worship with us at Grace Baptist Church. If you long to hear the Word of God expounded in plain, simple English, if you want to find a place where men and women are united the fellowship of the gospel of Christ, you are welcome at Grace Church. If you are a sinner in need of mercy, you arp welcome. At Grace Baptist Church everybody is nobody, and Christ is all.