There is much confusion in our day about the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many who teach that Christ actually redeemed some of those who are finally lost in hell! I have heard preachers make some shocking statements about the redemptive work of Christ. I heard one man say that "Christ died just as much for Judas as he did for Paul." Another one blasphemously declared that "The blood of Christ will be fuel for the flames of hell." The popular idea of redemption is that though Christ has died to satisfy the wrath and justice of God against sin, and though he has paid the lawful price for the redemption of sinners, some of those who were redeemed by Christ shall, after all, be required to suffer for their sins. If such a notion is accepted, then it must be concluded that the justice of God has fallen to the ground, the God of heaven has ceased to be just. If my debt has been paid by Christ, God cannot in justice demand payment from me.

Payment God cannot twice demand,
First at my bleeding Surety's hand,
Then again at mine!

If so much as one soul for whom Christ shed his blood at Calvary perishes in hell, then the justice of God is destroyed. And if Christ died to redeem some men who are not ultimately saved, then he can never see of the travail of his soul and be satisfied, as the Scriptures declare he shall. How can he be satisfied while some of those for whom he died are in hell? Once more, if even one sinner for whom Christ shed his blood in death perishes in hell, then it must be concluded that the blood of Christ was shed in vain. Such blasphemous absurdities as these cannot be tolerated by a believing heart. They rob Christ of his redemptive glory, rob God of his justice, and rob sinners of all real hope.

Because there is such confusion about the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ, I want to be very plain and clear. THE BIBLE NOWHERE TEACHES, NOR DOES IT ANYWHERE IMPLY THAT OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST DIED TO REDEEM AND SAVE EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD. I hold it to be an authoritative doctrine, consistent with all common sense and most plainly revealed in Holy Scripture, whatever Christ has redeemed, Christ will have. This simple foundation truth must be well established in our hearts - WHATEVER THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS REDEEMED HE MUST HAVE. Otherwise his redemptive work at Calvary would be a failure.

It is repugnant to reason and contrary to the plainest statements of Holy Scripture to assert that Christ has died to purchase what he never shall possess. It is nothing less than blasphemy to declare, as many do, that the intention of our Savior's death can be frustrated. I am sure that all who will weigh the matter, and honestly consider it, must see that THE INTENTION OF CHRIST IN HIS DEATH MUST BE FULFILLED, AND THAT THE DESIGN OF GOD, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE, MUST BE CARRIED OUT. I believe that the efficacy of Christ's atonement is just as great as God meant that it should be, and that what Christ has redeemed is precisely what he meant to redeem, and exactly what the Father had decreed he should redeem. Therefore, I cannot, for one moment, give any credence whatever to that doctrine which tells us that all men are redeemed. The Lord Jesus Christ did not die to redeem those men and women who ultimately perish in hell!

Our Lord declares that he is "the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep". He did not give his life for those who are not his sheep. It is written, "He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied." That is to say, all of those for whom he suffered and died to redeem shall be with him in glory. Not one of his redeemed ones shall perish.