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November 16                                               Today’s Reading: Acts 20-21

“Purchased with His Own Blood”

Acts 20:28


The Church of God is that which God purchased with His own blood. Yes, He who died upon the cursed tree is Himself our God.


Atonement and Deity

Atonement for sin stands or falls with the deity of Christ. All who deny our Savior’s deity deny the atonement. What value or merit can there be in the blood of a mere man? And all who deny the efficacy of His atonement, that is to say, all who deny that all for whom the Savior died shall be saved by the grace and power of his Spirit, deny His deity. They make His most important work, His most stupendous task, and that upon which the triune God hangs His glory as God a failure, asserting that He fails to accomplish His purpose in dying, that He shall never see of the travail of His soul with satisfaction. Such doctrine denies atonement altogether. Such doctrine leaves sinners with no atoning sacrifice for sin and no hope.


Glory Revealed

The Gospel of God is the revelation of the glory of God in the face of His crucified Son, the Lord Jesus. When, with the eye of faith, we see the doing and dying of the Son of God, when we see Immanuel obeying the law, rendering by His obedience and death complete satisfaction to the violated justice of the Most High, offering a sin-atoning sacrifice to God for sin, then we see how the holy God can be “a just God and a Savior.” In the face of the crucified Lamb of God we see such glory, merit, and efficacy breathing through every thought, word, and action of our all-glorious Christ, that we embrace Him, all that He is, all that He has accomplished, and all that He has, with every desire and affection of our heaven born souls.


All Our Hope

Christ crucified is all our hope and the whole of our religion. All God given faith, hope, and love flow unto, and are fixed and concentrated in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Nothing else can save and sanctify. Nothing else can clear the conscience of guilt, speak pardon to the soul, support us in life, comfort us in death, and make us fit for eternity. When the Lord Jesus Christ is thus revealed to us and in us by the omnipotent mercy of God the Holy Spirit, when He is brought near, we see, with the eye of faith, His pure and perfect humanity and His eternal deity. And these two distinct natures we see combined, but not intermingled, in one glorious Person, Immanuel, God with us. Until thus favored of God, a person may see the deity of Christ taught in the Scriptures and believe it as a point of doctrine; but he does not have that faith that appropriates the doing and dying of the God-man to himself, saying with Thomas, “My Lord and my God.”




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