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October 2      Today’s Reading: Matthew 22-23

“Many are Called”

Matthew 22:14


There is a personal, particular, irresistible call of grace, which goes forth from the Spirit of God to God’s elect alone (John 10:3). This call of the Spirit always produces faith in Christ. It is always effectual. It always results in the salvation of the one who is called. Were it not for this effectual call of the Spirit, no one would ever be saved (John 6:44-45). But when our Lord says, “Many are called,” He is speaking of the earnest proclamation of the Gospel by His servants.


Gospel Call

Every time a true servant of God preaches the Gospel of God’s electing love, redeeming mercy, and saving grace sinners are called to faith in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). This call is universal in its scope. In Divine providence even this call is limited to those who are privileged to hear the Gospel. But we preach the Gospel indiscriminately to all men, urging all to come to Christ and be saved. This Gospel call is sincere and earnest (Romans 10:1-4). It is an unconditional call to salvation by Christ and peace with God. The Gospel preacher is God’s ambassador, sent to proclaim the good news of redemption accomplished and salvation full and free in Christ Jesus. He calls sinners, by Divine authority, to be reconciled to God. Every sinner who obeys this call and trusts the Lord Jesus Christ is saved by God’s free grace and possesses everlasting life in Christ (John 3:36; 5:24). Those who refuse to obey the Gospel call will perish without excuse.


Irresistible Grace

However, because man is spiritually dead, he has neither the will nor the ability in himself to obey the call of the Gospel. The preaching of the Gospel will never produce faith in Christ until the sinner is regenerated and called by the irresistible power and grace of the Holy Spirit. All reject the Gospel call as it comes forth from men; but none reject that call when it comes forth in the power of the Holy Spirit.

            Why is it that many hear the Gospel and perish, while others hear the same Gospel from the lips of the same preacher, and are saved? The answer is very plain: “Many are called, but few are chosen.” And those few who are chosen, having been redeemed by Christ, at God’s appointed time are called by the effectual, irresistible power of God the Holy Spirit. Thank God! He has chosen some, and they shall be saved!


The Difference

The difference between those who believe and those who believe not is the eternal purpose and choice of God’s electing love. — “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Here are some men and women in this world whom God has chosen to save. The rest are left in their sins, to perish in their willful unbelief. God has done them no injustice. He does not violate their will. He does not force them to do what they choose not to do. He simply leaves them to themselves! And if God leaves a man to himself, if God leaves a man to his own free-will, that man will never believe on Christ and be saved (John 6:37-40; 10:16, 26; Acts 13:46-48).

            All who believe rejoice and give thanks to God that He did not leave us to ourselves. And there is yet a remnant according to the election of grace. God has chosen to save some. There is an elect people in this world, a people whom God has predestinated to eternal life, a people He has determined to save, a people of whom He says, “I will be their God and they shall be My people.” How our souls rejoice in the fact that God the Holy Spirit would not take “no” for an answer from us! He would not allow us to resist His call. You sweetly forced us into Your arms, blessed Lord Jesus, making us willing in th day of Your power.





Don Fortner








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