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May 13                       Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 8-11

“This thing is done of me.”

2 Chronicles 11:4


Thus saith the Lord…this thing is done of me.” — Spirit of God, write these words upon my heart and cause me truly to “know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Give me grace to see every event in history and every event, circumstance, and experience of life is accomplished by the will of my God, my heavenly Father, according to his all-wise, all-good purpose of grace for my soul and for all the hosts of God’s elect. As we read these inspired Chronicles, let us never fail to remember that in all that is recorded our God was accomplishing his purpose for his elect and performing his will to foreshadow his redemption accomplishments by his Son, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Pharaoh’s Daughter

Solomon is held before us as an eminent type of our dear Savior, the Lord Jesus. His marriage to Pharaoh's daughter was a typical picture of Christ’s marriage union with his church, particularly including his elect among the Gentile, as well as his chosen among the Jews. Psalm 45 is called “A Song of Loves.” It is a marriage song written by David under the Spirit of inspiration, and speaks of this marriage of the Lord Jesus Christ to his church. It is commonly thought that the Song of Solomon was written at the time of Solomon’s marriage to Pharaoh’s daughter. That great song of loves gives us a marvelous, instructive display of loves, the love of Christ for his church, and the love of our souls for our great Husband, the Lord Jesus.


Appointed Sacrifices

Solomon offered burnt offerings unto the Lord on the altar of the Lord…at a certain rate every day.” — Every morning and every evening, by divine appointment during the legal dispensation of types and pictures, sacrifices were offered upon God’s altar. The morning lamb and the evening lamb were sacrificed daily. At three o`clock in the afternoon (the ninth hour of the day by Jewish reckoning) the evening sacrifice was offered. Why? Because that was the hour, which had been appointed before all worlds, for the offering of the body of our Lord Jesus upon the cross. At the ninth hour, our dear Redeemer cried, “It is finished!” At the ninth hour, the whole of redemption was then completed. The Holy Ghost marked this hour in all the evening sacrifices with an eye to our Substitute from the beginning.


Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba coming to Solomon is a beautifully instructive picture of the chosen, redeemed sinner, taught of God and called by grace, coming to Christ. Solomon's condescension in receiving her portrays our Savior’s great, condescending mercy in receiving poor sinners like you and me and communing with them. As Solomon told her all, so our Savior tells us all that our hearts desire of him. How astonished was the queen of the south in that the king of Israel told her all that she desired. But how much more abundantly we are overwhelmed with astonishment, when the Lord Jesus opens to us all his grace and shows us all his will, removing all those anxieties and fears that once held us in such great confusion, bondage, and dread!

            What are your thoughts of our almighty Solomon concerning these things? Have you heard, as the Queen of the South did, of the fame of our Solomon? Do you come to prove him with hard questions? Have you been with him? Has he, by his Spirit, told you all that is in your heart? Then I do not need to tell you (For you can better tell me!) your astonishment. Surely you have concluded as she did, the half of Immanuel’s greatness and wisdom has not been told; and of his love you had no conception. Go then, as the Queen of Sheba went to her country, and spread abroad his fame. Invite thousands and tens of thousands to come to him and prove him for themselves, that he is infinite in council and might. Let the fathers and mothers to their sons and daughters, and to their children’s children make known his praise.





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