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March 12       Today’s Reading: — Joshua 18-20

“Your Refuge”

Joshua 20:2


We should not fail to remember that all the land of Canaan was divided to God’s Israel by lot, not by chance or caprice, but by lot, that is by God’s appointment. It is God who fixes the bounds of our habitation (Deuteronomy 32:8). He fixes the bounds of the habitation of each of his elect in time according to his own gracious and wise designs from eternity. How content, how joyful, how thankful we ought to be every day for the lot our God has given us in this world, by which he is pleased both to bless us and use us, and by which he sweetly prepares us for our eternal habitation above!


Our Sanctuary

When the Lord God gave Israel their possession in the land of Canaan, he appointed six Cities of Refuge where men who were guilty of manslaughter might flee for sanctuary. These Cities of Refuge, he called “your refuge,” because they were typical of our Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only Refuge and Sanctuary for our souls. Isaiah wrote of him, “He shall be for a sanctuary” (Isaiah 8:14). The Lord Jesus Christ is the place of refuge for guilty sinners. He is a hiding-place, an ark of safety, a sanctuary from the wrath of God.

            We frequently use the word “sanctuary” this way. Many cities are bird sanctuaries. It is against the law to kill certain birds within their limits. Certain places have been set aside as game sanctuaries. You dare not, under penalty of law, hunt wild game in those places.

            Within the city of refuge, within the divinely appointed sanctuary the avenger of blood could not touch the person who might be lawfully executed outside the city. There the guilty one was under the protection of God’s own law.

            Like those cities of refuge, our Lord Jesus Christ is a place of secure refuge and sanctuary for every sinner who flees to him. The moment a sinner believes on Christ, he is safe. Believing on Christ, he is safe in life, safe in death, safe in judgment, safe in eternity. The wrath of God cannot touch any sinner who takes refuge in Christ by faith (Hebrews 6:18-19).



Faith in Christ gives sinners refuge and sanctuary in Christ. If you believe on Christ, if you trust his blood and righteousness for your acceptance with God, if you forsake all confidence in yourself and put your confidence in Christ alone, your immortal soul is secure, saved, and safe forever. Nothing can destroy you or even harm you (Romans 8:32-39). No sin can be laid to your charge. No condemnation can be executed upon you. Nothing shall ever separate you from the love of Christ.





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