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February 3                                        Today’s Reading — Leviticus 8-11

The Efficacy of the Blood

Leviticus 8:14-15


Read Leviticus 8:14-15 and then read Leviticus 8:30 and you will see that in the typical, ceremonial law God gave to Israel all were anointed with the anointing oil for whom the blood of the sin-offering was shed. So, too, in the fulfilment of the type, all are born of God for whom blood atonement has been made by the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Prominence of the Blood

Christ’s sin-atoning blood is set before us prominently throughout the Scriptures. It is typically unfolded in great detail in the eighth chapter of Leviticus. Throughout this chapter, the thing constantly set before us is the necessity and the efficacy of our Savior’s blood for atonement, acceptance, and reconciliation with God. On that great day, when Aaron and his sons were consecrated as priests unto God, it was the blood of the sacrifice that was constantly before the eyes of the people.

      What are these typical blood sacrifices intended of God to teach us? They teach us plainly that sinners are accepted of God only by and because of Christ’s shed blood (Ephesians 1:7; 1 Peter 1:18-21). We cannot come to, worship, or find acceptance with the holy Lord God except by the sin-atoning blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Only a bloodstained ear can hear God’s Word. Only a bloodstained hand can do God’s work. Only a bloodstained foot can walk in the courts of the Lord’s house. We cannot come to God except by the blood of Christ; but blessed be his holy name, we can come to God by that blood (Hebrews 10:19-21).


The Efficacy of the Blood

As the blood of Christ was prominent in all the sacrifices and services of the typical Levitical priesthood, so, too, was the efficacy of our Savior’s blood. Effectual redemption by Christ (Limited Atonement) is the point of Satan’s most persistent opposition to the Gospel. This is the point at which self-serving prophets of deceit most quickly compromise the Gospel. When I speak of the efficacy of Christ’s blood, I mean just this: — The blood of Christ has effectually accomplished all that our Savior intended to accomplish by shedding it. He put away our sins, all the sins of all God’s elect. He obtained eternal redemption for all his chosen. Every sinner for whom Christ shed His blood at Calvary shall, at God’s appointed time of love, be given the blessed anointing of the Holy Spirit. Every chosen, redeemed sinner shall, at God’s appointed time, be born again by the almighty, irresistible power and grace of God the Holy Spirit. All for whom Christ died shall be saved by the power and grace of God the Holy Spirit. — The efficacy of Christ’s blood is seen in anointing that follows it. All for whom blood was shed were anointed with the anointing oil. That is the thing typically set before us in Leviticus 8.




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