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[htm] 20170101.htm34.0 KB2016-Dec-28
[htm] 20170108.htm29.7 KB2017-Jan-07
[htm] 20170115.htm30.2 KB2017-Jan-17
[htm] 20170122.htm29.9 KB2017-Jan-17
[htm] 20170129.htm29.8 KB2017-Feb-07
[htm] 20170205.htm29.3 KB2017-Feb-07
[htm] 20170212.htm29.7 KB2017-Feb-07
[htm] 20170219.htm32.5 KB2017-Feb-18
[htm] 20170226.htm103.0 KB2017-Mar-03
[htm] 20170305.htm31.1 KB2017-Mar-03
[htm] 20170312.htm29.9 KB2017-Mar-07
[htm] 20170326.htm29.2 KB2017-Mar-30
[htm] 20170402.htm77.3 KB2017-Apr-02
[htm] 20170409.htm30.2 KB2017-Apr-19
[htm] 20170416.htm29.9 KB2017-Apr-19
[htm] 20170423.htm30.6 KB2017-Apr-19
[htm] 20170430.htm30.3 KB2017-Apr-29
[htm] 20170507.htm29.0 KB2017-May-02
[htm] 20170521.htm31.1 KB2017-May-20
[htm] 20170514.htm28.8 KB2017-May-20
[htm] 20170528.htm30.7 KB2017-Jun-02
[htm] 20170604.htm31.2 KB2017-Jun-03
[htm] 20170611.htm32.8 KB2017-Jun-14
[htm] 20170618.htm30.7 KB2017-Jun-15
[htm] 20170625.htm30.3 KB2017-Jun-30
[htm] 20170702.htm32.6 KB2017-Jun-30
[htm] 20170709.htm30.0 KB2017-Jul-06
[htm] 20170716.htm30.4 KB2017-Jul-21
[htm] 20170723.htm32.2 KB2017-Jul-21
[htm] 20170730.htm32.1 KB2017-Jul-26
[htm] 20170806.htm31.6 KB2017-Aug-10
[htm] 20170813.htm28.8 KB2017-Aug-10
[htm] 20170820.htm33.5 KB2017-Aug-27
[htm] 20170827.htm31.2 KB2017-Aug-27
[htm] 20170903.htm31.4 KB2017-Sep-06
[htm] 20170910.htm30.9 KB2017-Sep-06
[htm] 20170917.htm30.3 KB2017-Sep-25
[htm] 20170924.htm30.0 KB2017-Sep-25
[htm] 20171001.htm31.9 KB2017-Oct-15
[htm] 20171008.htm31.7 KB2017-Oct-15
[htm] 20171015.htm30.6 KB2017-Oct-15
[htm] 20171022.htm30.4 KB2017-Oct-21
[htm] 20171029.htm33.0 KB2017-Nov-03
[htm] 20171105.htm30.8 KB2017-Nov-03
[htm] 20171112.htm30.5 KB2017-Nov-10
[htm] 20171119.htm29.8 KB2017-Nov-19
[htm] 20171126.htm30.7 KB2017-Nov-21
[htm] 20171203.htm30.6 KB2017-Dec-09
[htm] 20171210.htm32.3 KB2017-Dec-09
[htm] 20171217.htm30.3 KB2017-Dec-17
[htm] 20171224.htm30.7 KB2017-Dec-23
[htm] 20171231.htm110.8 KB2018-Jan-03
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