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Grace Baptist Church of Danville

October 6, 2019

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God the Holy Spirit tells us that there is always one specific thing that motivates false prophets — “advantage.” “Having men’s persons in admiration,” they willingly compromise and even utterly deny the truth of God seeking their own “advantage.


Daily Readings for the Week of October 6-13, 2019

Sunday                Mark 1                                                            Thursday       Mark 7-8

      Monday                Mark 2-3                                                        Friday             Mark 9-10

      Tuesday              Mark 4-5                                                        Saturday                    Mark 11-12

      Wednesday        Mark 6                                                            Sunday                      Mark 13-14


Š      Millsite Baptist Church in Cottageville, WV will host its annual Bible conference Friday through Sunday. Scheduled preachers are Paul Mahan, Frank Tate, and Don Fortner.


Happy Birthday!  Kairi Guest-12th   Doug Hacker-12th   Mindy Shultz-13th

Happy Anniversary: Andrew & Brittany Torson-14th

Mitch & Stephanie Wilkerson- 15th    Walter & Betty Groover-19th

Nursery Duty Today Debbie Bartley


Touching the Hem of Christ’s GarmentDon Fortner

(Tune: When All Thy Mercies, O My God #11 —CM)

1.    O sin-sick souls, dismiss your fears,

Come halt, the blind, the lame,

Come, touch the garment Jesus wears,

There’s healing in His name.

2.    Till sick of ev’ry other way,

You’ll ne’er to Jesus go;

Whose words eternal life convey,

Whose wounds with pardon flow.

3.    Though crushed with guilt, trembling with fear,

And sad beyond degree;

Still, in this garment Jesus wears

There’s healing full and free!

4.    Come, stretch the wither’d hand today,

For Christ is passing by;

Your case will not allow delay;

Unless you touch, you die.

5.    One touch of this celestial robe

Speaks pardon to the soul;

When sins more weighty than the globe

Across the conscience roll.

6.    Through ev’ry crowd to Jesus press

When sin torments your mind;

Peace, pard’ning blood, and righteousness,

In His dear name you’ll find!



Winter Weather Plan


Through the winter months when we have ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, etc., we will alter our service schedule accordingly, giving as much advance notice as possible. On Tuesdays, if Boyle County Schools are closed, we will not have our mid-week worship service. On Sundays, when the roads are hazardous, we will have just one service at 1:00 PM.




“As We Be Slanderously Reported”

Romans 3:8


I could produce a stack of letters which I have received over the years, either warning me or accusing me, asserting that the doctrine I preach will cause people to live carelessly in disobedience and every imaginable evil. Along with other men who proclaim the gospel of God’s free grace, beginning with our Lord himself and his apostles, I am constantly accused of being an antinomian, one who is opposed to the law of God, a promoter of licentiousness. In itself, the accusation is insignificant. I am not much disturbed by what men say about Don Fortner. But the charge is not made against me personally. It is made against the doctrine that I preach. Therefore, I cannot be silent.


The charge of antinomianism is levelled against me because I constantly preach the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace in Christ, declaring that sinners are justified freely by the grace of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, without works. Without apology, I constantly affirm that every believer is entirely free from the law of God and that God will never charge his people with sin, because he has found complete satisfaction for our sins in the blood atonement of his dear Son. I place no form of legal bondage upon the children of God. I do not threaten God’s elect with punishment or entice them with promise of reward in order to get them to do what they ought to do. I preach absolute grace, perfect substitution, and immutable mercy, assuring those who believe that God will never cease to be gracious to them.


This is the armor in which I have done battle for fifty years. And I do not intend to lay it aside until my warfare is over. Let men reproach me as they may. I am willing to have my name and reputation scandalized. If need be, I am prepared to lose friends and family and face bitter, implacable enemies. I am perfectly willing and content to be scorned throughout the world as a vile antinomian. I am accustomed to such things. But I am determined, by the grace of God, not to drop or conceal one iota of gospel truth, particularly as it relates to Christ’s glorious, effectual redemption and God’s irresistible, efficacious grace. I am always happy to stand in the company of others. But I am willing to stand alone. In either case, I will not alter, or even slightly modify my message!


“Certain Men Crept in Unawares”

Jude 4


The Holy Spirit describes false prophets as certain men who creep into churches unawares. They are not men of the world or infidels, who totally disown Christ, but certain men, who creep in among the saints, professing faith in and love for Christ and his gospel. Both Paul and Peter warn us of such apostates (Acts 20:29, 30; 2 Peter 2:13). Jude had lived to see their prophecies fulfilled in his day, as we do today.


      These men creep into churches “unawares,” without being noticed. They are unnoticed because God’s people tend to take men at their word. Faithful men and women tend to presume that those who profess faith in Christ are faithful; and we should. Though we are commanded to try the spirits, we often lack the ability to discern cunning craftiness and deceit, and have no ability to read the hearts and motives of others. Therefore, such false prophets are able to creep and slither their way into our churches, and into the affections of truly faithful men and women. Like serpents, they worm themselves in by deceitful wriggling. As Satan transformed himself into an angel of light to deceive Eve, his ministers transform themselves into what appears to be ministers of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). Pretending to be great defenders of the righteousness of God and great promoters of peace, unity, and love, they divide brethren, seek to divide believers from those who have faithfully taught them the gospel, and seek to turn God’s elect from the simplicity of the gospel and faith in Christ.


      How often I have seen individuals and entire congregations turn against a faithful pastor, one who has given his life to serving the interests of their souls, to follow a man who seeks nothing but his own profit! Many years ago, I heard Pastor Henry Mahan say, “There are just two kinds of preachers: Those who are used and those who use, those who serve and those who seek to be served.” God’s servants do not use men. They are gladly used for men. They do not wish others to serve them. They devote their lives to the service of others.


      Those certain men, who creep in unawares, may appear to have such great light and profound knowledge that others cower before them. They usually proclaim their superior enlightenment loudly. But they always lack two things: They lack the ability to preach with simplicity and clarity; and they lack grace, the ability to be gracious. They talk much about such things; but it is obvious to everyone around them that they lack both. They are “clouds without water, carried about of winds.” The grace of God is not in them. Like Korah and Balaam, to whom the Holy Spirit compares them, they often become famous men of renown in the congregation (Numbers 16 and 22), blazing like comets for a while; but, like “wandering stars,” they soon fizzle. To such slithering, beguiling serpents is “reserved the blackness of darkness forever.” Having nothing but the noisy profession of a name to live, they are twice dead before God, spiritually dead, having no part in the first resurrection, they are under the sentence of the second death (Revelation 20:6). And they “were of old ordained to this condemnation.”






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September 29, 2019


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