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June 9, 2019

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The old man Adam never did anything but sin and never will. The new man created in righteousness and true holiness never sinned and never can.


Daily Readings for the Week of June 9-16, 2019

Sunday                Job 28-31                                          Thursday       Psalm 6-16

      Monday                Job 32-36                                          Friday             Psalm 17-21

      Tuesday              Job 37-40                                          Saturday                    Psalm 22-30

      Wednesday        Job 41-Psalm 5                               Sunday                      Psalm 31-36


Š      I am preaching today for San Diego Grace Fellowship in Jamul, California. Bro. Donnie Bell will bring the messages here today. Bro. Bell is pastor of Lantana Grace Church in Crossville, Tennessee. Tuesday night Bro. Todd Nibert, pastor of Todds Road Grace Church in Lexington, Kentucky, will be here to preach the gospel to you.

Š      We will have our Quarterly Fellowship Dinner on Sunday, June 30th.


Happy Birthday!  Roger Criss-11th   David Peterson-12th  Skip Gladfelter-15th

Happy Anniversary: David & Celeste Peteson-16th

Nursery Duty Today (AM): Mindy Shultz


It is Christ’s Precious Blood Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness —CM)

1.     Behold, a sacred fountain springs

Up from the throne of God,

And all new cov’nant blessings brings! —

It is Christ’s precious blood.

2.     This stream is that which sweeps away

My sins (A mighty flood!),

And lets no guilt or blemish stay! —

It is Christ’s precious blood.

3.     This is the voice that speaks for me

In heav’n’s high court, for good,

And from the curse has made me free! —

It is Christ’s precious blood.

4.     The blood, the blood, atoning blood,

Before the throne of God,

Accepted blood! Effectual blood! —

That is Christ’s precious blood!


“I Sleep, but My Heart Waketh”

Song of Solomon 5:2

How sluggish we often become in the worship and service of Christ. But there is hope, and comfort in that hope. Though I sleep, “My heart waketh.” There is in me a new man that is awake and full of life, even in the midst of my dreadful slumber. “My heart waketh,” because “it is the voice of my Beloved that knocketh, saying, open to me.” There is hope, because when he knocks, he gains entrance. He knows how to open the hearts of his saints and awaken us from our loathsome slumber.


Learning Christ

Pastor Donnie Bell


In the few years I have been preaching, if there is one thing I have learned it is this We can never say enough, preach enough, think enough, exalt enough, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Master told us to “take my yoke upon you, and learn of me.” Beloved, what a glorious task, our Lord Jesus gave us. There is so much to learn about his person.

How much do we know about his person as the eternal God? Oh, the glory of his Godhead. How could he be both God the Son and God the everlasting Father?

How could he remain God, control all things, uphold all things by the word of his power and yet at one and the same time come into this world he created, and come into the womb of a virgin, and become something he never was before — Man?

But, oh, what a man! Sinless in his thoughts, sinless in his words, sinless in his deeds, without sin before the holiness of God almighty. So Glorious was he in his sinless life, that the heavens opened one day and God himself spoke and said; “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” I say, speak Lord, by your grace I will listen.

God helping us let us begin again to learn of him, take his yoke upon ourselves, learn of his meekness, his lowliness. There is rest for our souls in learning of him.

The man who knows the most about Christ knows so little. The man who sees Christ the best will say, “I see through a glass darkly.” Just because I know so little, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop learning. Because I don’t see all I want to doesn’t mean I’m going to quit looking. Someday in the near future, you and I will see clearly what we now see so dimly. — We shall see him as he is. And we shall be like him. But our seeing and our knowing starts here. Do you know him? Have you come to him? Are you learning of him?




Coming to God by Christ

Pastor Henry Mahan


Every man by nature is attempting to climb up to heaven on the broken ladder of works or trying to cross over the flood of God’s wrath on the fallen bridge of the law. But as sure as God is holy, all these attempts will fail; for “by the works of the law, no flesh shall be justified in his sight.”

God has established a bridge between heaven and earth by the obedience, death, and intercession of his eternal Son and every other way to heaven but this is blocked by the justice and holiness of God.

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).


“It shall be Perfect to be Accepted”

Leviticus 22:21


How good does a person have to be to get to heaven? He has to be perfectly good, as good as God himself. That which man looks upon as his “personal righteousness” he calls good; but is of absolutely no value in the sight of God. God calls all our thoughts and deeds of righteousness “filthy rags.” They are an abomination to him (Isaiah 64:6). Man’s definition of righteousness depends entirely upon his definition and understanding of God. The problem is most have never seen God in his glorious holiness. Once a sinner sees God in his holiness, he will cease forever to speak of his own goodness, personal holiness, and self-righteousness. With Isaiah, he will cry, “Woe is me! I am undone” (Isaiah 6:1-6). Who can stand in the presence of the holy Lord God?

No son of Adam can ever stand in the presence of the holy Lord God, because we are all cursed (Galatians 3:10). God is so infinitely holy that he charges the angels with folly, so holy that the heavens are not clean in his sight, so holy that when he found sin upon his own dear Son, he forsook him and killed him! Dare we imagine that God will accept us with our polluted works, when he killed his own Son for sin? Only one who is himself equal to God can stand in the presence of God and please him (Psalm 24:3-5; Matthew 17:5). That righteousness which God requires, only God can give.

Yet, it must be the work of a man, or it is of no value to men. Blessed be God! There is a Man who is himself God, who has magnified the law and made it honorable. He has brought in an everlasting righteousness by his perfect obedience to the law as a man, even the very righteousness of God. He has satisfied the law’s justice by dying under its curse. And he lives forever to give righteousness and eternal life to sinners. That Man-God is Jesus Christ the Lord.

      The Word of God plainly declares that no one shall enter into the glory of heaven who is not worthy to do so (Revelation 21:27; 22:11; 1 Corinthians 6:9). And all are by nature unrighteous (Ecclesiastes 7:20). We are all sinners. We all deserve the wrath of God. Yet, God the Holy Ghost tells us that there are some who have been made worthy to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints (Colossians 1:12). How can that be? How can a sinner be made worthy of heaven? Only God can do it. Grace alone can make us worthy of heaven’s glory. Every believer, every sinner saved by grace, everyone who trusts Christ alone as his Savior and Lord has been made worthy of heaven by three mighty works of God: — By Blood Atonement — The believer’s sins have been fully paid for by Christ. Justice cannot require further payment. — By Imputed Righteousness — The righteous obedience of Christ has been imputed to all who trust him. Every believer stands before God as one who is perfectly righteous, having fulfilled all his holy law in the person of Christ, our Substitute. — By Regeneration — In the new birth God the Holy Spirit gives every chosen, blood bought sinner a holy nature. By these three works of grace, sinners are transformed into saints and made worthy of heaven, being “perfect in Christ Jesus!



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June 9, 2019


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