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June 2, 2019

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There is in Christ such infinite merit, efficacy, power, and virtue that he gives it all to every sinner who but touches the hem of his garment by faith and yet retains it all in himself.


Daily Readings for the Week of June 2-9, 2019

Sunday                Esther 5-8                                                     Thursday       Job 12-15

      Monday                Esther 9-Job 2                                                         Friday             Job 16-21

      Tuesday              Job 3-7                                                                      Saturday                    Job 22-27

      Wednesday        Job 8-11                                                                    Sunday                      Job 28-31


Š      I am scheduled to preach Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning for San Diego Grace Fellowship, 13910 Lyons Valley Road, Suite A, Jamul, California.

Š      We will have our Quarterly Fellowship Dinner on Sunday, June 30th.


Happy Birthday!  Nicole Abell-5th   Oscar Bailey-6th

Happy Anniversary: Randall & Billie Hopkins-7th    Bill & Vicci Rolley-13th

Nursery Duty Today (AM): Celeste Peterson


The Bread of God Don Fortner

(Tune: #355— From Every Stormy Wind that Blows — LM)

1.    Poor, starving souls, trying to feed

On husks that cannot meet your need,

Behold, the Gospel Table spread —

Christ Jesus is the Living Bread!

2.    This Bread, which money cannot buy,

Will life impart and life supply.

It fills the hungry with delight,

And never spoils your appetite.

3.    The Bread of God comes down from heav’n,

By sov’reign grace, it’s freely giv’n.

This food and medicine to saints

Revives the weary and the faint.

4.    This Bread the carnal cannot taste,

But heav’n-born souls upon it feast.

Feasting, we feast and crave still more

To eat and live for evermore.


“He Took on Him the Seed of Abraham” (Hebrews 2:16)

When our Lord Jesus Christ came to save fallen creatures, he passed by the fallen angels and laid hold upon the seed of Abraham. He did not take hold of the seed of Adam. He took on him the seed of Abraham,” God’s elect, his covenant people, and delivered them from the bondage of death by the efficacy of his sin-atoning sacrifice and the power of his irresistible grace. This is sovereign grace indeed: Christ passed by the fallen angels, passed by the sons of Adam, and took hold upon the seed of Abraham.


Why did Christ die at Calvary?

Hebrews 2:9-10


The most wondrous of all God’s works is the work of redemption. When we attempt to contemplate what that work involved, we are lost in astonishment. When we think of the unutterable depths of shame and sorrow into which the Lord of glory entered to save us, we are awed and staggered.

“That the eternal Son of God should lay aside the robes of his ineffable glory and take upon him the form of a servant, that the Ruler of heaven and earth should be ‘made under the law’ (Galatians 4:4), that the Creator of the universe should tabernacle in this world and ‘have not where to lay his head’ (Matthew 8:20), is something which no finite mind can comprehend; but where carnal reason fails us, God-given faith believes and worships.” (A. W. Pink)

      As we trace the path of our Savior from the throne of life to the tomb of death and behold him who was rich, for our sakes, becoming poor, that we through his poverty might be made rich, we cannot fathom the depths of the wonders before us. We know that every step in the path of our Redeemer’s humiliation was ordained in the eternal purpose of God. Yet, it was a path of immeasurable sorrow, unutterable anguish, ceaseless ignominy, bitter hatred, and relentless persecution; a path that brought the Beloved Son of God, the Darling of heaven, to suffer the painful, shameful death of the cross. Who could have imagined such things as these? Standing at the foot of the cross, I behold the Holy One nailed to the cursed tree, covered with his own blood and the spit of an enraged mob, made to be sin, forsaken and cursed of God his Father. Knowing that this is the work of God’s own hand, I am lost in astonishment. I am filled with reverence and awe (2 Corinthians 5:21; Galatians 3:13).

      Awed as I am with reverence for my crucified Lord, still there is a question that I cannot suppress, a question that reason and sound judgment cannot fail to ask. The question is, Why? — Why did the Son of God suffer such a death? Why did God so torment his beloved Son and kill him in such a horribly ignominious way?

      Was it to save my soul? I know that he did so that I might live. He suffered, the Just for the unjust, that he might bring me to God. But was there no other way for the omnipotent God to save me?

      Was all this done to demonstrate the greatness of God’s love to me? I know it was (Romans 5:8; 1 John 3:16; 4:9-10). But God could have revealed his love to me in some other way. Why did he slay his Son? What necessity was there for the Son of God to suffer and die upon the cursed tree?

      Only one answer can be found to that question. — The justice of God had to be satisfied. There was no necessity for God to save anyone. Salvation is altogether the free gift of his grace. But, having determined to save his elect from the ruins of fallen humanity, the only way God could save his people and forgive their sins was by the death of Christ. — “Without shedding of blood is no remission” (Hebrews 9:22). The justice of God had to be satisfied in order for God to save his people. And the only thing that could ever satisfy the justice of God is the blood of Christ.



The Sovereignty of Grace

Hebrews 2:16


God our Savior reserves the right of absolute sovereignty in the exercise of his saving mercy. As he is sovereign in creation and in providence, our God is also totally sovereign in the salvation of sinners. You cannot read the Bible without being confronted with the fact of Divine sovereignty on almost every page. Here is one example: When our Lord Jesus Christ came to save fallen creatures, he passed by the fallen angels and laid hold upon the seed of Abraham. Here is an irrefutable statement of God’s absolute sovereignty in the exercise of his saving grace. Speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ, the inspired writer declares, “For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham.” What are we to learn from this statement? Five things are obvious.


Reprobate Angels

First, we learn that it never was the intention, desire, will, or purpose of Christ to save the angels who fell. — “He took not on him the nature of angels.” There are some elect angels who never fell. Their election by God preserved them. But for those angels who fell, God offered no mercy whatsoever. They are eternally reprobate, without hope (Jude 6).


Reprobate Men

Second, it never was the intention, desire, will, or purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ to save all men. Thank God, he does save some. — “He delighteth in mercy!” But to say that the Son of God wants to save all men, tries to save all men, or provides salvation for all men is both absurd and blasphemous. It makes the omnipotent God a failure. Notice the words used by the Holy Spirit. He does not say Christ took on him the seed of Adam. It says, “He took on him the seed of Abraham.”


God’s Elect

Third, it is the intention, desire, will, and purpose of Christ to save all the seed of Abraham. The Son of God took hold of the seed of Abraham to save them. The expression, “The seed of Abraham,” does not refer to the Jewish race, Abraham’s natural seed, but to the whole multitude of God’s elect, Abraham’s spiritual seed (Romans 4:16; 9:6-8; Galatians 3:7, 13-16).


Salvation Sure

Fourth, all the seed of Abraham shall be saved (Romans 11:25-26; John 10:16). “He shall save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). “He shall not fail” (Isaiah 42:4). The purpose of God cannot be overturned. The covenant of grace cannot be nullified. The cross of Christ cannot miscarry. The grace of God cannot be frustrated. The intercession of Christ cannot be denied. His hold cannot be broken. All whom he took hold of to save shall be saved.


Abraham’s Seed

Fifth, all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ are the seed of Abraham (Philippians 3:3). If you take hold of Christ by faith, he has taken hold of you to save you by his almighty grace. The evidence of your election, your redemption, and your regeneration is faith in Christ.




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June 2, 2019


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