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Grace Baptist Church of Danville

May 26, 2019

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When sorrow crushes your heart, when trouble overwhelms your soul, when adversity presses you down, bury yourself in Christ, in his person, his work, his Word, and his worship.


Daily Readings for the Week of May 26-June 2, 2019

Sunday                Ezra 10-Nehemiah 2                Thursday Nehemiah 11-12

      Monday                Nehemiah 3-5                            Friday                   Nehemiah 13-Esther 1

      Tuesday              Nehemiah 6-7                            Saturday              Esther 2-4

      Wednesday        Nehemiah 8-10                         Sunday                Esther 5-8


Happy Birthday!  Audrey Grace Hacker-2nd

Happy Anniversary: Rex & Debbie Bartley-1st    Don & Shelby Fortner-1st

Church Cleaning in June: Sam and Ruth Wall

Nursery Duty Today: Shante’ Birchum (AM) — Ruth Wall (PM)


Praying Souls, Dismiss Your Fear Don Fortner

(Tune: #233 — Depth of Mercy — 77.77)


1.    Praying souls dismiss your fear;

Joy and peace will soon appear.

To the Throne of Grace draw nigh. —

Jesus intercedes on high.


2.    Come before your Father’s throne;

Make your needs and sorrows known.

Never, never, doubt His love. —

Jesus intercedes above.


3.    Let the world and Satan frown;

That should never cast you down.

All is working for your good. —

Jesus intercedes with blood.


4.    Do corruptions raise their head?

God has promised and decreed —

Reigning grace shall sin subdue! —

Jesus intercedes for you.


5.    He has made your cause His own!

He is Priest upon His throne!

You shall gain eternal bliss! —

Jesus intercedes for this!


A Present Help

Psalm 46:1

If you are in difficulty, commit your troubles to Him. His grace is amply sufficient for every trial that can arise. You have committed your soul to Christ, then, surely, you can trust Him with the rest for “He is a very present help in time of trouble.”                                                                                                           — Pastor Henty Mahan


“Light Affliction”

2 Corinthians 4:17


When you’re hurting, when your heart is broken, when you don’t know what to do or where to turn, and you read those words, “our light affliction,” you might be tempted to slam you Bible shut and throw it on the floor. — Before you do that, try to remember these five things.


1.    Our afflictions are light when compared with what we deserve (Psalm 103:8-14). — We could be cast off in reprobation. God could have left us alone. We could be in heathen darkness. We could be in hell (1 Thessalonians 5:9-11)


2.    Our afflictions are light when compared to that which others have suffered before us. — Men and women all over the world suffer the same things we do. Why should I be any different? Most people in this world suffer much, much more than I do. Why should I complain? God’s people in this world have always been a suffering people (Hebrews 11). — Shall I expect to live in ease?


“Must I be carried to the skies

On flowery beds of ease,

While others fought to win the prize,

And sailed through bloody seas?”


The most gracious, most thoughtful, most caring and tender people I’ve known in this world have been people who seemed never to live a day without great pain and heaviness.


3.    Truly, our afflictions are light when compared to that which our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for us (Hebrews 12:3-4; Isaiah 53:6-11; Psalm 22:1-16; 40:12; 69:1-19; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Galatians 3:13).


When I know the agony of body and soul, the torments of heart, the bloody sweat which my Savior endured for me, how can I complain about my “light affliction”? I ought to be able, by the grace of God, to endure my “light affliction” with patience for the honor of my blessed Redeemer who suffered so much for me.


4.    Our afflictions are light when compared to the countless blessings of grace our God has bestowed upon us (1 Corinthians 1:30; Ephesians 1:3-14; 1 John 3:1-3). — Eternal, Covenant Blessings! —Daily, Providential Blessings! — Saving, Gospel Blessings! — “For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake.” (Philippians 1:29)


5.    Our afflictions are light when compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. — This is exactly what Paul had in mind when he called our affliction in this world, “our light affliction.” Oh, how light my afflictions are when compared to that which I shall enjoy when the Lord calls me home!



Ten Promises from God to His Troubled Saints

Isaiah 43:1-7


Child of God, your afflictions in this world may be many, heavy, and long, but they will never destroy or even harm you. Therefore the Lord your God says, “Fear not.” Then he gives you these ten, blessed promises to silence your fears.


1. “I have redeemed thee!” — Christ has redeemed you by the price of his blood and the power of his grace. If he has redeemed you, nothing and no one can harm you.


2. “I have called thee by thy name!” — All whom he has redeemed are called, called with an effectual, irresistible, personal call. This is efficacious grace!


3. “Thou art mine!” — What a blessed word of grace! You belong to God as his peculiar possession, his new creation. That means you are under his protection and provision.


4. “I will be with thee!” — Wherever God by his providence puts you, he will be with you in sympathy and in power to take care of you.


5. “I am the LORD thy God, the holy One of Israel!” — The almighty God, the holy One, who is always faithful and true, is as much your property as you are his property, because he has given himself to you.


6. “I am thy Savior!” — When he says, “I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee,” our Lord is saying, “I have bought you at such a price that I cannot afford to lose you.”


6.    “Thou art precious in my sight!” — You are God’s treasure, his jewel. Though despised by men, if you are a believer, you are precious to God!

“Near, so very near to God, nearer I cannot be,

For in the person of His Son I am as near as He!

Dear, so very dear to God, dearer I cannot be

For in the person of His Son I am as dear as He!”


8. “Thou hast been honorable!” — You are not honorable by nature, nor by any of your deeds, but God by his grace has made you honorable. He has washed away your sin by the blood of Christ and robed you with his perfect righteousness. He has created you new in Christ in righteousness and true holiness, making you a partaker of the divine nature by his Spirit in the new birth.


9. “I have loved thee!” — Let men talk all they please about a useless, universal love, this is special love! God so loves his own elect that he will sacrifice men and nations for them! He so loved us that he gave his only begotten Son for us!


10. “I have created (you) for my glory!” — The very glory of the triune God is wrapped up in the salvation of his people. He will either save every one of the chosen seed, all who are called by his name, and save them from all evil, or he will lose his glory; and that cannot be!




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May 6, 2019


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