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November 11, 2018

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ŇA manŐs gift maketh room for him.Ó — GodŐs servants do not have to tell others they are GodŐs servants. Their message and GodŐs use of them does that. And GodŐs servants never force themselves into light or into a place. God opens the door before them and puts them into their divinely appointed place.


Daily Readings for the Week of November 11-18, 2018

Sunday                Acts 8-9                                                                     Thursday       Acts 17-19

      Monday                Acts 10-12                                                     Friday             Acts 20-21

      Tuesday              Acts 13-14                                                     Saturday                    Acts 22-24

      Wednesday        Acts 15-16                                                     Sunday                      Acts 25-26


á      Our church family annual Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner is scheduled for November 25th.


Nursery Duty Today: Nicole Abell (AM) —Ruth Wall (PM)


When Sickness Wastes this Frame Don Fortner

(Tune: #39 — This is My FatherŐs World —SMD)


1.    When sickness wastes this frame, disease, or earthly pain,

As dust to dust returns again, the help of man is vain.

But, then, to turn to God in prayer in time of need,

To cast all care upon the Lord, is to find help indeed.


2.    My soul, this is your lot. Cling to the Lord by faith.

HeŐll never leave you (doubt Him not) in sickness, pain, or death.

Christ is our faithful Friend, Who bore for us sinŐs curse.

In sickness He will condescend to be our tender Nurse.


3.    Sufficient is His grace in health, sickness, and death,

To keep us and to give us peace unto our dying breath.

And when the time has come to leave this pilgrim land,

By grace with Christ weŐll enter home, that house not made with hands!


ŇConsecrate Yourselves Today to the LordÓ

Exodus 32:29


The root of stedfastness is consecration to God; but the world has not yet seen what God might do with a man utterly consecrated to him. Oh, that God would give me the grace to make me such a man! Oh, that God might give us grace, day by day, to consecrate ourselves to him! Consecration is not a word we hear or use very often; but it is used frequently in Holy Scripture. In fact, entire chapters are devoted to the subject of consecration. Consecration is neither more nor less than the giving of ourselves to God, the dedication and devotion of our lives to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. May God grant us grace to consecrate ourselves to him.


The Cross Interprets ManŐs Heart


Matthew 27:31


Oh, what a revelation of man the cross is! — Man hating God, and hating him most when God displayed his love most fully. — Man acting like the devil, taking SatanŐs side against God. Yes, the cross was a public declaration of manŐs hatred for God and his Son. The cross is proud man spitting in GodŐs face and saying, ŇI am holy. I need no Savior. To hell with God and his Son!Ó Our Savior asked, ŇWhat think ye of Christ?Ó ManŐs answer was, ŇCrucify Him!Ó ManŐs heart, his hands, his tongue all combine to scream out hatred for God and his Son. Everything I see in man on CalvaryŐs hill is hatred, utter hatred for God, the hatred of the human race toward the triune God.


Deep Hatred

How deep, bitter, universal, and vile is the hatred of the human heart for God! Oh, how fallen man hates God! We see it in the priests and the scribes. We see it in the soldiers and the people. Hatred echoed through PilateŐs judgment hall. Malice rang in HerodŐs court. Envy was the motive behind every word and deed performed on that infamous night by wicked men. The arrest, the scourging, the mockery, the spitting, the smiting, the cries, ŇCrucify him! Crucify him!Ó, the wagging the heads, the drunken songs, the nailing, the thievesŐ railing, everything was but the outpouring of manŐs utter hatred for God. Here we see what is in every human heart by nature. The heart of man is enmity against God (Romans 8:7). Man declared his heart in the crucifixion of GodŐs darling Son. Here is fallen man showing himself openly, making an unconscious confession of his hatred of God. It was man who erected the cross and nailed the Son of God to it. God gave the wild assŐs colt his reins and seems to have said, ŇVent the feelings of your heart.Ó And he did, taking God by the throat, as it were, man snatched the only begotten Son of God from his FatherŐs heart and crucified him with hellish delight.


ŇCrucify HimÓ

Reckoning the death of the cross the worst of all deaths, man says, ŇThis is the best way to show my contempt for God. This is exactly what I think of the Son of God.Ó Thus, the enmity of the natural heart speaks out, and man not only confesses publicly that he is a hater of God, but he takes pains to show the intensity of his hatred. He glories in his shame, crying aloud, ŇCrucify him! Crucify him!Ó The cross interprets what is in manŐs heart. The cross rips the mask of pretended religion off of the face of our race. The cross of Christ exhibits manŐs heart as a cesspool overflowing with the malignity of hell. Will you dare look at your hands? They are red, dripping with blood! Whose blood is that? It is the blood of GodŐs own Son! Blood you shed continually in your heart, because you hate God, because you really want to be God yourself! That is what your unbelief is: hatred for God and his Son (1 John 1:7-10; 5:10).


Indescribable Evil — Infinite Love

Luke 23:32-43


LetŐs go again with our blessed Savior to that horrible scene of sin and woe, that blessed, glorious scene of mercy, love, and grace, just outside the city of Jerusalem. I have before my mindŐs eye the scene of three crosses, two criminals, soldiers, priests, a religious crowd, all gathered to slaughter the Son of God. Scattered among the others, I see a few weeping women, and in the distance, one or two heart-broken men. There is much to be seen here on the very surface. But there are other things hidden beneath the surface and unobserved by men. I see before me something of the character of God, much about the character of man, a great display of substitution, GodŐs great salvation, a tremendous picture of sin pardoned, a sad picture of sin unpardoned, a Savior despised, a Savior embraced, a sinner forever lost, and a sinner forever saved. I have found a few lessons in this passage that I pray the Spirit of God may be pleased to graciously apply to our hearts.


Indescribable Evil

What a horribly evil thing sin must be, if it takes the blood of GodŐs own Son, the death of heavenŐs Darling to put it away! What must sin be when, in order to expiate it, the Lord of Glory must die upon the cursed tree as an outcast, a criminal, a curse? What a horribly evil thing sin must be! It is rebellion against God, treason against his throne, manŐs attempt to rape and defile the holy Lord God, to drive the Almighty from his throne, to murder the Eternal. Sin is the expression of fallen manŐs enmity against God, the display of our natural heart hatred of God. Sin is that which makes us obnoxious to the holy Lord God. Sin is the defilement of our race. Sin has brought us under the curse of GodŐs holy law. Sin has put us under the sentence of death, eternal death.


Blood Required

It is no easy thing for sin to be put away. No carnal sacrifice can put away sin (Hebrews 10:1-7). No work of man can put away one sin. No amount of repentance can put away sin. Not even our faith can put away sin. Even God himself cannot, in his pure, absolute character as God, put away sin. If sin is to be put away, it must be put away by the sin-atoning death and substitutionary sacrifice of the incarnate God, the God-man Mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ. But his sacrifice was enough. He died but once; and once was enough. That is the meaning of these words. — ŇNow once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.Ó ChristŐs sufferings and death for sin are of infinite value, merit, and efficacy. Therefore, he suffered for sin only once. He appeared once in the end of the world to put away sin; and he has done it.


Immeasurable Love

How immeasurable and infinite the love of God in Christ is! What patience with manŐs utmost malice; what forbearance with his sin! — ŇFather forgive them; for they know not what they do.Ó Was ever love like this? —  So vast, so free, so overflowing. Sin abounding, grace did much more abound (John 13:1; Ephesians 3:14-19). — O how He loves!





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November 11, 2018


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