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Grace Baptist Church of Danville

July 29, 2018

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“The law was not given as a remedy for man's problem, but as a reminder that we have a problem and need a remedy. It points us not to any prescribed performance on our part, but to a person, the one and only remedy, Christ Jesus our Lord.” — Pastor Carroll Poole


Daily Readings for the Week of July 29-August 5, 2018

Sunday                Isaiah 64-66                                     Thursday       Jeremiah 9-11

      Monday                Jeremiah 1-3                                                Friday             Jeremiah 12-14

      Tuesday              Jeremiah 4-5                                                Saturday                    Jeremiah 15-17

      Wednesday        Jeremiah 6-8                                                Sunday                      Jeremiah 18-21


Š      Last Friday morning, the Lord Jesus called our dear and faithful friend and brother, Bobbie Estes, home to Glory. For Bobbie we rejoice. To his family and all who cherish him, we extend our sincere, heartfelt sympathy.

Š      Conference Offering — August 5th

Š      I am preaching today for New Covenant Baptist Church in Great Falls, MT, where Bro. Peter Meney is pastor. You are privileged to have Bro. Carroll Poole here to preach the gospel to you today. Bro. Poole is pastor of East Hendersonville Baptist Church in Hendersonville, NC. — Welcome back to Grace, Bro. Poole!

Š      The Lord willing, we will have a Fellowship Dinner together after our morning worship service next Sunday followed by a bridal shower for Mindy Peterson and Jesse Shultz.


Happy Birthday! Brittany Torson-31st

Nursery Duty Today: Jayalita McCormack (AM) — Diane Campbell (PM)


Behold, The Wonders of the Cross Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 When I Can Read My Title Clear -- CM)

1.     Creation’s open volume stands,

And speaks God’s praise abroad;

And everything, made by His hands,

Declares that He is God.


2.     But in the grace that rescued man

God’s brightest glory shines;

For on the cross (How wise the plan!)

It’s drawn in crimson lines!


3.     Behold, the wonders of the cross,

Where God our Savior died.

My spirit life eternal draws

From Jesus’ bleeding side!


4.     I shall forever praise the name

Of God all-wise alone,

Whose glory’s seen in Christ the Lamb,

Whose blood for sin atoned!


“Full Restitution”

Exodus 22:3


Blessed is that enlightened soul who, by the grace of God, is able to see Christ in the Old Testament as well as in the New. Blessed are those eyes that behold the Lord Jesus Christ in all the promises, precepts, and prophecies of the Old Testament as well as in the proclamations of the New. Blessed are those hearts that can see the beauty and glory of Christ in the ordinances, types, and shadows of the law as well as in the shining light of the gospel.


Christ the Key

It is a sad fact, but a fact it is, that most who read the Bible and most who preach and teach from it see nothing in the Old Testament but historic facts, legal precepts, carnal ceremonies, and moral ethics. To the vast majority of the religious people I know, the Old Testament is a sealed Book, without meaning or message. They simply cannot unlock it, because they do not have the key. They are like those Isaiah describes in Isaiah 6. Seeing, they see not. Hearing, they hear not. Understanding, they understand not the things written in the Old Testament Scripture.

      The key to the Old Testament is Christ! What a great blessing it is to have the key! Yet, there is no room for boasting here. If we see, hear, and understand the Scriptures, it is because God has graciously caused the light of his glory and grace to shine in our hearts by his Spirit. It is because we have been taught of God. It is because the Lord God has opened our understanding that we might understand the Scriptures (Luke 24:45). It is written, “Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear” (Matthew 13:16).


Restitution Made

Nowhere is man’s spiritual blindness more evident than in the things written about the Mosaic law and the Levitical sacrifices. Reading the things written by various commentators about the laws of restitution in Exodus 21-22 and Leviticus 5-6 and the requirement of restitution to make atonement, I was as amazed as I was disappointed to see so very few make even a gospel application of them, much less give a gospel interpretation!

      The law of God requiring restitution for any wrong done by one person to another and the sacrifices requiring restitution for atonement were not intended merely to teach a moral precept of restitution. Rather, these things were written to teach by precept and by picture that the Lord Jesus Christ would, by his great work of redemption, turn the tables and make a full restitution of all things to the everlasting praise and glory of the triune God. They all testify of that which is written of him in Psalm 69:4. — “Then I restored that which I took not away.


Restitution of All Things

There is a day appointed called “the times of restitution of all things” (Acts 3:18-21). In that day, when God our Savior has made all things new, he will display to all creatures the wonders of his wisdom and grace in restoring all things to God and his glory by the salvation of his elect (Ephesians 1:3-14; 2:1-7).


“He shall restore double.”

Exodus 22:4


The law of God demanded that anyone wronged by another should not only have the wrong repaired, but also be made to benefit and gain by the injury done. It is God primarily who has been wronged in all his rights by sin. Yet, man too has been wronged. But the Lord God has, in infinite wisdom, fixed it so that both he and his people shall be made gainers by the injury done. As the fall of Israel has been overruled by our heavenly Father for the riches of the world and the glory of his own great name (Romans 11:33-36), so the fall of Satan and the entrance of sin into the world by the fall of our father Adam has been, is being, and shall yet be made to redound to the everlasting riches of God’s elect and the glory of his great name.


Superabounding Grace

Here is the glory of the cross. — “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound!” Yes, the God of glory works all things — (All Things!) — together for the good of his people and the everlasting glory of his own great name. Satan will gain nothing by the havoc he has wrought in the world. He will achieve absolutely nothing! Both God and his elect have gained more by the forgiveness of sin through the blood of Christ than was lost by the sin and fall of our father Adam.


Gain from the Fall

The Lord God has arranged all things, even the sin and fall of our father Adam, for the everlasting good and happiness of his people. We shall lose nothing, but only gain, by what happened in the Garden. The gain is obtained not by sin but by redemption. Indeed, the sin and fall of Adam was itself, by divine purpose, a picture of redemption by Christ (Romans 5:12-20; Isaiah 40:1-2).

Martin Luther rightly said, with regard to Adam’s sin in the Garden, “O blessed fall!” Had there been no fall, no sin, no condemnation, we could never have known the wonders of redemption. Had there been no fall, no sin, no condemnation, we could never have known the glories of grace. Grace not only cuts up sin by the roots and ultimately destroys it. — Grace makes chosen sinners to be eternal beneficiaries of Satan’s work!

Still, there is more. The holy Lord God has gained more by redemption than ever he lost (if I can be permitted to use such language) by the fall. The Lord God reaps a richer harvest of glory in the fields of grace than he could ever have reaped in the Garden of innocence (Ephesians 1:3-14; 2:7). The sons of God raise a loftier song of praise around the empty tomb of the crucified Christ than we could ever have raised in the Garden of Eden. The injury done by sin has not only been perfectly atoned for and remedied by the blood of Christ, but God has gained by the cross the praise of the glory of his grace.

This is a stupendous truth. God, the eternal, triune, holy Lord God, has gotten himself great gain by the work accomplished by our all-glorious Christ at Calvary.

Who could ever have conceived such a thing? When we see man and the creation over which he was lord laid in a heap of ruins at the feet of Satan, how could we ever imagine that from amid those ruins the great God of Glory would gather a crown for his holy head which could not be gotten in any other way? But it was ever the immutable purpose of the all-wise God to glorify himself and reveal his glory to all creation by the accomplishments of his darling Son at Calvary.





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July 29, 2018


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