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May 6, 2018

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Salvation was finished for God’s elect in eternity (Hebrews 4:3), finished at Calvary (John 19:30), finished in the new birth (Ephesians 2:1), and shall be finished in resurrection glory (Romans 13:11).

contempt for their object, and complete disregard for all others.


Daily Readings for the Week of May 6-13, 2018

Sunday                1 Chronicles 14-17 Thursday      1 Chron. 28-2 Chron. 1

      Monday                1 Chronicles 18-21 Friday       2 Chronicles 2-5

      Tuesday              1 Chronicles 22-24 Saturday            2 Chronicles 6-7

      Wednesday        1 Chronicles 25-27 Sunday            2 Chronicles 8-11


Š      We welcome Bro. Bruce Crabtree to our pulpit again today. Bro. Crabtree is pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in New Castle, Indiana.

Š      I am preaching today for the New Focus Conference at Merton Evangelical Church in London, England, where Bro. Harry Qazi is pastor. I am scheduled to preach Monday and Tuesday for the Freegrace Fellowship meeting at Orange Hall in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. — Bro. Lindsay Campbell will preach the gospel to you Tuesday night.

Š      Congratulations to Alexis Mason who graduates from Western Kentucky University on May 12th.


Happy Birthday! Will Hacker-10th


Nursery Duty Today: Brittany Torson (AM) — Ruth Wall (PM)


Why Should I Fear or Anxious Be? Don Fortner

(Tune: #228 — My Faith has Found a Resting Place — CM)


1.    I have been reconciled to God, (O sweet salvation this!)

Redeemed and reconciled by blood, this is my joy and peace!

Why should I fear or anxious be? — With God’s own Son I’m one,

Holy, beloved, accepted, and forever with Him one!


2.    By nature and by Adam’s fall, by choice far off from God;

But God stepped in and all is well. — I’m reconciled by blood!

Why should I fear or anxious be? — With God’s own Son I’m one,

Holy, beloved, accepted, and forever with Him one!


3.    I’m near, so very near to God, nearer I cannot be;

For in the person of His Son I am as near as He!

Why should I fear or anxious be? — With God’s own Son I’m one,

Holy, beloved, accepted, and forever with Him one!


4.    Yes, dear, so very dear to God, dearer I cannot be;

For as the Father loves the Son, so God, my God, loves me!

Why should I fear or anxious be? — With God’s own Son I’m one,

Holy, beloved, accepted, and forever with Him one!



Malice, Guile, Hypocrisies, Envies, Evil Speakings

Pastor Bruce Crabtree


“Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings” (1 Peter 2:1).


It is very telling that Peter deals with those sins which are in the heart before he deals with the sins of the lips. “Malice is an evil of the heart. It means “ill will; a disposition to injure others without cause.” “Guile is when the heart is thinking on some crafty way to deceive others. “Hypocrisies is an evil pretense. Pretending to be what we are not. “Envy is more than mere jealously. It is more of a hatred toward others for their being what we want to be but are not. Or their possessing something we cannot have.

Peter tells us first to lay aside these evils of the heart and then to lay aside all evil speakings. One of the most difficult things in the world, if not impossible, is to lay aside the habit of evil speaking while these other sins rule in the heart.

Once let love and goodness fill the heart and no room is left for these awful sins. When the heart has laid these sins aside, then only that which is good will come out — for good is all that is left. If no malice is left in the heart, no malice can come from the heart. If evil speaking is coming from the mouth, then it is evident that evil is yet in the heart, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh (Matthew 12:34).

What a good rule to use as a check upon our lips. As I talk to others, I am apt to know what is in my heart. Is evil speaking coming out? Am I spreading rumors about others? Are the words I’m speaking hurtful to others? Are the words I’m using harming the character and reputation of someone? Then there can be no doubt what is in my heart.

Are my words gracious and edifying? Do they strengthen the weak? Do they lift up the fallen? Do they cover the faults and failings of others? Are they proclaiming a good report? Then out of the abundance of the heart the mouth is speaking.


Christ Alone

John Newton


If there is any grace in me, God put it there. Twas grace that set me apart in distinguishing love before the stars were made. Twas grace that set me apart from the mass of mankind; was grace that brought me safe this far, and grace will lead me home. Lay the foundation of your hope in Jesus Christ. Begin with Christ and end with Christ. As Christ Jesus becomes more to you, self will grow less and less. If your faith puffs you up, it is not the faith of Christ. God will help us when we are weak. He will bless us as long as we confess our dependence upon His blessing. He will fill us when we are empty. He will feed us when we are hungry. He will be our all when we are nothing. He will forgive us when we are guilty. But the moment we begin to boast in ourselves and feel sufficient, we will be left to learn, in no uncertain terms, that we are naked, poor, blind, and miserable. Terrible will be the day when proud rebels discover, too late, the dust and ashes of human merit!


Called to Preach

1 Timothy 3:1-7


How does a man know if he is called of God to preach the gospel? How does God put a man into the ministry? I have been asked those two questions many times by many men. Because the Scriptures give no precise answers to these questions, I cannot answer them with certainty. So my answers to those questions are just that — my answers. They arise from my understanding of the Scriptures and the observation of experience. But this is my best perception.

            1. If God puts a man into the ministry, he first puts grace into his heart. No man is called by God to preach the gospel who does not know the gospel, both doctrinally and experimentally.

            2. Before God puts a man into the work of the ministry, he proves him as a faithful servant in his church. No novice is called to preach the gospel (1 Timothy 3:6). No man will be faithful as a pastor who is not faithful before becoming a pastor. A man who puts other things before the worship of Christ, the cause of Christ, and the church of Christ will do no better because someone gives him some ordination papers. He may be more regular in outward attendance and in things seen and approved by men, but he will be the same, self-serving man he was before.

            3. If the Lord God puts a man into the ministry, he gives him his message (Isaiah 40) — “All flesh is grass!” — “Behold, your God!” — Redemption accomplished! — Salvation free! — Christ crucified, risen, and enthroned!

            4. If God puts a man into the ministry, he gives him the gifts necessary for the work. He makes him “apt to teach.” God called men are gifted with an understanding of the Scriptures and the ability to communicate their message clearly to others.

            5. If God puts a man into the ministry, he gives him a place to preach. As one old preacher put it years ago, “God never made a possum without a persimmon tree; and he never made a preacher without a pulpit.” No man has been called into the ministry who is not in the ministry.

            6. If God puts a man into the ministry, he gives him a hearing. God’s preachers never have to look far for a place to preach or for people to hear them. When a man is sent of God, he is sent to a people who want to hear his message. — “Now therefore are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God” (Acts 10:33). God’s servants look to him to open doors before them and wait for him to do so. They do not make a way for themselves. A man’s gifts make room for him (Proverbs 18:16).

            7. When God puts a man into the ministry, he gives him the support of his fellow-labourers in the gospel. All God’s prophets see eye to eye with regard to the gospel (Isaiah 52:8) and labour together as one in the cause of Christ.

            8. A man put into the ministry by God knows “both how to be abased, and…how to abound.” He is “instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.” Yet God supplies “all his need, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:12-19).





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