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Grace Baptist Church of Danville

February 11, 2018

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There is no excuse for laziness in a preacher. Faithful gospel preachers are men who labor in the Word and doctrine of God, addicting themselves to study and devoting their lives to publishing the gospel to eternity bound sinners.



Daily Readings for the Week of February 11-18, 2018

Sunday                Numbers 1-2                                                            Thursday      Numbers 11-14

      Monday                Numbers 3-4                                                            Friday       Numbers 15-16

      Tuesday              Numbers 5-7                                                            Saturday              Numbers 17-19

      Wednesday        Numbers 8-10                                             Sunday                Numbers 20-22



Happy Birthday! Charlie Abell-6th    Raelyn Abell-7th   Faith Hacker-7th  

Rachel Coleman-9th    Nancy Bailey-13th

Nursery Duty This Week

Jayalita McCormack (AM) — Stephanie Wilkerson (PM) Tuesday: Celeste Peterson


Who is this Man, the God We Trust? — Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I Can Read My Title Clear —CM)


1.    Who is this Man, the God we trust,

The Christ of God, our Lord?

He is the Lord our Righteousness,

The God Who is the Word!


2.    Our Wisdom and our Holiness,

Our Righteousness He is,

And our Redemption, full, complete —

Salvation Jesus is!


3.    The Christ of God, our Savior is,

Who all the law fulfilled,

Who, by His Spirit, cov’nant grace

To all His ransomed seals!


The Kingdom of God Triumphant

by Pastor Allan Jellet

GO Publications has just released this new book written by Bro. Allan Jellet, pastor Grace Church in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. In it he provides an overview and interpretation of the Book of Revelation to comfort and encourage the Lord’s people and remind them that whatever happens in this world, be it in the personal lives of the saints, or the struggles amongst the nations of the earth, the Lord God is sovereign. He is in control and the Kingdom of God is now and ever will be triumphant.

      The book is available from Go Publications who also publish Pastor Fortner’s titles. DO NOT ORDER FROM US. This book and others are available at



Divine Imputation

Romans 5:19


Many, including myself, have erroneously said “All men were made sinners by imputation, Christ was made sin by imputation, and all who believe are made righteous by imputation.” The Scriptures most certainly and clearly teach that Adam’s sin was imputed to all the human race in the fall of our father Adam (Romans 5:12, 19). The Book of God does teach that the sins of God’s elect were imputed to the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). And the Word of God states very plainly that righteousness is imputed to all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 4:6-12).

      But it is not correct to say that anyone is made sin or a sinner, righteous or righteousness by imputation. Sin cannot be justly imputed to anyone who has no sin; and righteousness cannot be justly imputed to anyone who is not righteous. Sin cannot be imputed where sin does not exist; and righteousness cannot be imputed where righteousness does not exist. The law cannot bend or be bent. Justice does not and cannot alter facts.


Three Facts

Here are three facts revealed in Holy Scripture…

1.    All men sinned in Adam. When Adam sinned, we sinned in him. Therefore, Adam’s sin was justly imputed to all, and all died in and with Adam (Romans 5:12).

2.    When the Lord Jesus Christ was wondrously, mysteriously, inexplicably made sin when he bore our sin in his own body on the tree, all the sins of God’s elect were justly imputed to him, because he was made sin; and, being made sin for us, he was justly punished for sin (Galatians 3:13).

3.    All who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, being made the righteousness of God in him, have Christ’s righteousness justly imputed to them, and are justly rewarded with the fruit of righteousness, eternal life, because they are righteous, and, being righteous, are made by God to be worthy of Heaven’s eternal bliss (2 Corinthians 5:21; Colossians 1:12).


Real Sin — Real Righteousness

When our Lord Jesus was made sin, God did not just pretend that he was sin, look upon him as though he were sin, and treat him as if he were sin. What a horrid thought! God himself forbids such a thing (Proverbs 17:15). The Lord God slaughtered his dear Son as our Substitute in the fury of his justice, because he made him sin for us (2 Corinthians 5:21).

      All who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ have righteousness imputed to them and are justly rewarded for righteousness because God has made them righteous. When Christ obeyed the law and will of God for us, we obeyed in him. When he died for sin, we died in him. Being one with him, we are the righteousness of God in him (Jeremiah 23:6; 33:16).

      Wonderful Savior! Wonderful grace! How utterly devoted God my Savior is to me! How utterly devoted I ought to be to him!



1 Corinthians 1:30


Though we are foolish creatures by nature, by virtue of our union with him, Christ is made of God unto us Wisdom. He is the Word, the Revelation of God (John 1:1-18). And he is the one who gives us wisdom and understanding in all things spiritual, making us wise unto salvation. He is the shining light that dispels darkness in our souls. The Lord Jesus is our Joseph, our Zaphnathpaaneah, the Revealer of secrets! He is at the right hand of God, to teach us his Father’s will, dispensing spiritual light, life, and food to a famished world!



1 Corinthians 1:30


Of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us Righteousness.” — Many use the words “righteousness” and “holiness” interchangeably, as if they were synonyms. They are not. Righteousness is primarily a legal term. Though it may be and is used to refer to one’s character, it primarily refers to his deeds. Righteousness refers to that which is right before the law, or right in the eyes of the law. Holiness, on the other hand, is a word that is used to describe one’s character.

      Yet, the Word of God makes it abundantly clear that none are righteous (right before the law) and none are holy in character (sanctified) except the Lord Jesus Christ. And he alone is the Righteousness and Holiness (Sanctification) of his people. If we have righteousness before God, Christ must be our Righteousness; and he must be “of God made unto us Righteousness.

      This is the blessed doctrine of the gospel revealed in Holy Scripture. The Son of God came into this world in human flesh that he might magnify the law and make it honorable as a Representative man, to bring in everlasting righteousness for his people. God’s demand is plain and clear: — “Walk before me, and be thou perfect.” It is written, “It must be perfect to be accepted.

      The Lord Jesus Christ did what none of us could ever do. He walked before God all the days of his humiliation in absolute perfection, totally obedient to the will of God and to the law of God. This he did, not for himself but for us, to bring in everlasting righteousness for us. When he died upon the cursed tree as our Substitute, he met and fully satisfied every demand of God’s holy law and strict justice for his elect and made us, by his obedience unto death, the righteousness of God.

      Just as we were made sinners by the disobedience of the first man Adam, we are made righteous by the obedience of Christ, the last Adam (Romans 5:12, 18-19). That means that every sinner for whom Christ lived and died and rose again is right (righteous) before the law.

      Christ is made of God unto us righteousness and we are made the righteousness of God in him (2 Corinthians 5:21; Jeremiah 23:6; 33:16; 50:20) by virtue of our union with him.




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February 11, 2018


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