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Grace Baptist Church of Danville

October 15, 2017


Everything revealed in the Book of God is intended of God to convey a message from God, either a message of judgment or of grace. Nothing is revealed in the Holy Scriptures just to teach a fact.



Daily Readings for the Week of October 15-22, 2017

Sunday                Luke 1                                                                        Thursday       Luke 8-9

      Monday                Luke 2-3                                                        Friday             Luke 10-11

      Tuesday              Luke 4-5                                                        Saturday                    Luke 12

      Wednesday        Luke 6-7                                                        Sunday                      Luke 13-14


Š      The Lord willing, we will have our Quarterly Fellowship next Sunday.

Š      College Grove Grace Church, College Grove, TN, will host its annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference Friday-Sunday. Speakers: Donnie Bell, Bruce Crabtree, Don Fortner, Paul Mahan, Todd Nibert. Bro. Chris Cunningham is the host pastor.


Happy Birthday!  Ruth Wall-19th

Nursery Duty This Week

Shante’ Birchum (AM) — Stephanie Wilkerson (PM) Tuesday: Diane Campbell


To Know the Love of Christ Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I Can Read My Title Clear— CM)


1.    How bless’d are they who know the love

Which moved the Son of God

To undertake their cause above,

And ransom them with blood!


2.    Its length and breadth, its depth, and height,

Surpass all human thought;

Its sov’reign acts, its conquering might,

Are by His Spirit taught.


3.    O God, my God, I long to know

My dear Redeemer’s love: —

His cov’nant bonds! — His work below! —

His deeds of grace above!


4.    It is eternal, matchless, free,

Immutable, and strong!

I know it, for it conquered me;

And now it is my song!


Any time we go to the Scriptures to find a doctrine we handle the Word of God deceitfully. We do not get our doctrine and go to the Word of God to prove ourselves right. Rather, if we handle the Scriptures honestly, “rightly dividing the Word of truth,” we get our doctrine directly from the Scriptures and proclaim “the doctrine of God our Savior,” giving the sense of the Book of God as God the Holy Ghost intended, causing those who hear us to understand what God says in his Word.


“Be Strong in the Lord”

Ephesians 6:10


It is true that the saints of God are to be humble, self-denying, submissive, and patient. But we are not to be effeminate, timid, or cowardly. Believers are to show firmness of mind, resolution, courage, strength, and fortitude in all things. — “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). Believers, above all men, must be men. — “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong” (1 Corinthians 16:13). The fortitude Paul here calls us to practice is confident faith in God our Savior. It is a strength that enables a person to stand collected and undisturbed in the time of difficulty and danger, keeping him from both rashness and cowardliness. Those who live by faith must be strong and courageous concerning those things which are obviously the will of God. Let the child of God be convinced of the will of God, and he will be strong in submitting to it, strong in obeying it, and strong in performing it.

      If you and I would obey our God, we must be strong, courageous, resolute, determined, and unshaken. I am not talking about strength we can muster. I’m talking about strength that only God can give. It is his strength. And it is to be had only by faith in Christ, faith that he alone gives and sustains. Yet, it is our responsibility to “be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.” We must never rely upon the resources of nature, but upon the power of his might, the vigor of life derived from his omnipotence and grace.

      When our duty is set before us, we must undertake it in the strength of his grace with courage and determination for the honor of God, depending upon him who is our Strength. If God has called us to a work, he will carry us through it. But we must be strong, courageous, lest we be turned aside from God’s revealed will. We must face opposition, even danger, with confident courage and strength. We must meet every difficulty “strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.” William Gurnall rightly observed, “It requires more prowess and greatness of spirit to obey God faithfully, than to command an army of men, to be a Christian than a captain.”

      Above all men and, if need be, against all men, you and I who are God’s must be strong, courageous, resolute, determined, and unshaken in the face of adversity. When Satan and the forces of hell come against the very weakest of God’s saints, they can do no harm. We are protected with the walls of salvation. All the fury of hell cannot break through the Bulwark of Zion (Isaiah 11:9; 65:25; Acts 28:6).

      Satan is always in a rage wherever the gospel is preached, for the preaching of the gospel is the battering ram of heaven that destroys the gates of hell. When a man preaches the gospel, Satan will raise up opposition to him. But the gospel shall prevail. One angel goes out to preach and another angel flies back with the report of victory. — “Babylon is fallen, is fallen!” It was by the gospel that the apostles turned the world upside-down. And by the gospel, the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of God’s dear Son.



“All Israel shall be Saved”

Romans 11:23-32


In this portion of Holy Scripture God the Holy Spirit reveals the purpose of God in casting away the nation of Israel.

      God cast off the physical seed of Abraham, the nation of Israel, shutting them up in spiritual darkness and blindness, because of their determined unbelief, and sent the light of the gospel to the Gentile world that he might save all his elect, Jews and Gentiles, all “the Israel of God,” according to his own eternal purpose of grace in Christ.

That is what the Lord God is doing every day. He is fulfilling his eternal purpose, saving his elect. That is the great mystery of providence (Romans 8:28-30). Nothing is out of order. Nothing has altered God’s purpose or caused the Almighty to change his mind. — “The gifts and callings of God are without repentance.



A Sweet Savor

Pastor Todd Nibert


Nearly 50 times in the Old Testament the sacrifices and burnt offerings were said to be a sweet savor to the Lord. A beautiful aroma and fragrance! They pointed to the sacrifice of his Son! What an aroma that is to God. And what a stench in his nostrils is anyone that does not have the same estimation of the sacrifice of Christ that the Father does. Those who would tear it down or change its meaning are a stench in his nostrils. The Father looks wholly to the sacrifice of his Son as the reason he accepts a sinner. There is such satisfaction in the result of the sacrifice that all for whom Christ died have a beautiful fragrance to the Father. All for whom Christ died have this in common with the Father. They too look to the sacrifice of Christ as their only reason of acceptance with the Father, and it is a sweet fragrance of satisfaction with them. As the Father is satisfied with the sacrifice, so are they!



“Because of Unbelief”

Romans 11:20


Abraham’s physical seed is shut up in darkness because of unbelief. — Divine judgment is always just. It is always a matter of just retribution. Unbelief is man’s damning crime. You who are yet under the wrath of God are condemned in your own consciences and will be condemned forever in hell, in the torments of everlasting darkness and fire, because of unbelief, because you refuse to trust the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:14-19, 36). Unbelief is the rebellion of God hating sinners against God. Unbelief was the original sin of our first parents. Unbelief drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Unbelief calls God a liar. Unbelief is the root and essence, the source and cause of all other sin (Isaiah 59:1-15).




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October 15, 2017


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