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Grace Baptist Church of Danville,

February 26, 2017


No one has ever done anything to or against me that can even begin to compare with what I have done to and against my God, both before he saved me and since. If God in heaven has forgiven me, it should be easy for me to forgive you of anything. Spirit of God, give me such grace!


Daily Readings for the Week of February 26-March 5, 2017

Sunday                Deuteronomy 8-11        Thursday Deuteronomy 22-24

      Monday                Deuteronomy 12-14                  Friday                   Deuteronomy 25-27

      Tuesday              Deuteronomy 15-18                  Saturday              Deuteronomy 28-29

      Wednesday        Deuteronomy 19-21                  Sunday                Deuteronomy 30-32


á      I am preaching today for Fairmont Grace Church in Sylacauga, AL, where Bro. Larry Criss is pastor. — Bro. Mike Walker, pastor of Millsite Baptist Church in Cottageville, WV, will preach the Gospel to you today. It is a delight to again welcome Bro. Walker and his wife, Sandy, to Grace Baptist Church.


Happy Birthday!  Amy Richards-3rd     Stephanie Wilkerson-4th

Church Cleaning in March: Don and Denise Raneri

Nursery Duty This Week

ShanteŐ Birchum (AM) — Stephanie Wilkerson (PM) Tuesday: Diane Campbell


ŇAll Things are Ready!Ó Don Fortner

(Tune: #380 — Rise Up, O Men of God! — SM)

1.    What mercy, love, and grace

The Son of God declares. —

ŇAll things are ready!Ó — Sinner come,

And to this feast draw near.

2.    You must have Christ, the Lord,

His blood and righteousness!

ŇAll things are ready!Ó — Come and taste

The Bread of Life and rest.

3.    All that our God demands,

All that poor sinners need, —

ŇAll things are ready!Ó — AllŐs prepared!

Come, hungry souls, and feed.

4.    In Christ there is enough

To satisfy your soul!

ŇAll things are ready!Ó — Come and dine!

Come, feast, poor, hungry soul!


ŇThe law was not given as a remedy for man's problem, but as a reminder that we have a problem and need a remedy. It points us not to any prescribed performance on our part, but to a person, the one and only remedy — Christ Jesus our Lord.Ó                                                                                                                Pastor Carroll Poole


ŇI have enough.Ó

Genesis 33:9-11


Both Jacob and Esau said, ŇI have enough.Ó Their words were the same; but the meaning was not even similar. Those three words displayed a great difference between these two brothers. What was the difference? When we understand the difference between Jacob and Esau, we will understand the difference between GodŐs elect and the unbeliever in all ages, times, and circumstances.


EsauŐs Contentment

Esau was a lost, unregenerate, reprobate man, a man who found everything he wanted in the world. I understand the teachings of Holy Scripture regarding the sovereign, eternal, unalterable purpose of our God, and rejoice in it. However, Esau was a lost man, not because God would not save him, but because he chose the world and the lusts of his flesh rather than Christ. The fact is, if you perish in your sins, if you die without Christ, it will be your own fault alone, no one elseŐs. You will not be able to blame your eternal ruin on the purpose of God. If you are saved, that will be GodŐs work and GodŐs work alone. If you are lost, that will be your fault and your fault alone! Esau despised Christ and the gospel of GodŐs free, saving grace in Christ. That is what was represented in the birthright he despised (Genesis 25:30-34). God left Esau to himself. Because Esau despised GodŐs birthright, because he despised GodŐs Son, because he counted Christ a common, worthless thing, God left him to himself. Moreover, the Lord God put the world in EsauŐs heart to blind him (Ecclesiastes 3:11).


JacobŐs Contentment

Jacob was a man blessed of God, as the object of his everlasting free grace in Christ. Remember, all that the Scriptures say about Jacob as the object of GodŐs grace is true of all GodŐs elect. We are the sons of Jacob. As such, we gladly acknowledge that the only difference between Jacob and Esau is the difference that grace has made. ŇBy the grace of God I am what am!Ó This is the difference between Jacob and Esau. This is the difference between all who believe and those who do not believe (1 Corinthians 4:7). God loved Jacob (Romans 9:10-26). The Lord chose Jacob (Psalm 135:4; 2 Thessalonians 2:13; John 15:16). The Lord stopped Jacob in his way and revealed himself to him at Bethel. You will recall that back in Genesis 28, Jacob was running away. But he ran smack into God! He ran into God because God put himself in the way! God met Jacob at Bethel (the house of God) and revealed himself, his grace, his mercy, and his glory in Christ. God our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, wrestled with Jacob, made him confess who and what he was, and gave him a new name (Genesis 32:24-31). Beloved, now are we the sons of God. In Christ all things are new. Christ has given us a new name, put us in a new family, and made us partakers of a new covenant! The Lord God led Jacob all his life. He said, ŇI am with thee and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, for I will not leave thee until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of!Ó That is precisely GodŐs promise to us (1 Thessalonians 5:24; Philippians 1:6; Hebrews 13:5). Let us lean heavily upon it throughout the days of our lives.




GodŐs Mercy

Pastor Gene Harmon


GodŐs mercy is freely bestowed upon his chosen people. But not at the expense of his holy justice. God cannot, and will not, pardon you, or me, unless we have honored his holy law perfectly. He cannot, and will not, have mercy on you, or me, unless we have perfectly satisfied his holy justice! Jesus Christ is the only man who walked on this earth in perfect obedience to God the Father. Christ our Saviour is every believerŐs representative. He didnŐt come to change GodŐs law; he came to fulfill it. And thatŐs exactly what he did! While he was here on this earth, Jesus Christ pleased God the Father in everything that he did (Matthew 3:13-17; John 8:29). He was obedient unto death, even the death of the cross (Philippians 2:8). His perfect obedience satisfied the holy justice of God for his chosen people. Absolutely nothing can be laid to the charge of GodŐs elect (Romans 8:32 - 33). ThatŐs why God has mercy on those Jesus Christ suffered and bled and died for. Our Heavenly Father sees no sin in Jesus Christ our risen Savior. — ŇThere is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ JesusÓ (Romans 8:1).



ŇOf His Own Will Begat He Us with the Word of Truth.Ó

James 1:18

Pastor David Eddmenson

Rebekah fell in love with Isaac and desired to be his wife, only by believing the words of AbrahamŐs servant concerning him. Sinner, if you are ever to fall in love with GodŐs Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and desire to be brought into an eternal union with him, it will be by and through the words of GodŐs servant to you concerning him. — ŇIt pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.Ó (1 Corinthians 1:21)



ŇWhat Likeness will Ye Compare unto Him?Ó

Isaiah 40:18

Heinrich Bullinger


Say all of him whatsoever you can, and yet you shall still rather name something of his, than himself. For what can you fitly speak or think of him, that is greater than all your words and senses? What can you fitly think of him, that is above all loftiness, higher than all height, deeper than all depth, lighter than all light, clearer than all clearness, brighter than all brightness, stronger than all strength, more virtuous than all virtue, fairer than all fairness, truer than all truth, greater than all greatness, mightier than all might, richer than all riches, wiser than all wisdom, more liberal than all liberality, better than all goodness, juster than all justice, and gentler than all gentleness. For all kinds of virtues must needs be less than he, that is the father and God of all virtues: so that God may truly be said to be such a certain Being, as to which nothing may be compared. For he is above all that may be spoken.Ó




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