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Grace Baptist Church of Danville

September 18, 2016


Christ is the center of everything, the object of everything, and the end of everything. If you do not know him, you know nothing of creation, providence, grace, or yourself.


Daily Readings for the Week of September 18-25, 2016

Sunday                Micah 6-Nahum 2          Thursday Zechariah 5-9

      Monday                Nahum 3-Habakkuk 3              Friday                   Zechariah 10-14

      Tuesday              Zephaniah 1-Haggai 1             Saturday              Malachi 1-4

      Wednesday        Haggai 2-Zechariah 4              Sunday                Matthew 1-4


Š      We are delighted to welcome Bro. Marvin Stalnaker back to our pulpit today. Bro. Stalnaker is pastor of Katy Baptist Church in Fairmont, West Virginia.

Š      I am preaching today for Robert Street Baptist Church in Dudley, England. I am scheduled to preach Monday and Tuesday for the Freegrace Fellowship in Ballymoney, North Ireland.

Š      The Lord willing, Bro. Todd Nibert, pastor of Todds Road Grace Church in Lexington, Kentucky, will be here to preach the Gospel to you Tuesday night.


Happy Birthday!  Regina Henson-20th     Larry Brown-24th


Nursery Duty this Week

Gina Brice (AM) — Diane Campbell (PM) — Tuesday: Ruth Wall


Glory to th’ Eternal Three Don Fortner

(Tune: #393 — Take My Life and Let It Be — 77.77)

1.    Holy Father, let Your love

Rest upon us from above,

As we bow before Your throne,

Trusting Christ, Your darling Son.


2.    Precious Savior, God the Son,

We rejoice in all You’ve done!

Reign, O blessed Prince of Peace!

Spread the triumphs of Your grace!


3.    Holy Spirit, we expect

Promis’d grace for God’s elect;

Make the Savior’s fulness known;

Sanctify and teach Your own.


4.    Triune God, Your cov’nant love

Faithful to the end shall prove.

All things rest on Your decree. —

Glory to th’ Eternal Three!


“There was not a soul in Israel that believed that Moses or his staff had the power to divide that great sea. But none could deny them as the instruments of God.”                                                                                                                                       — Pastor Darvin Pruitt


The Holy Trinity — A Bible Doctrine


There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”                                 (1 John 5:7)


      We worship one God in the Trinity, or Tri-Unity of his sacred Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost), and adore each as the God of all grace by whom we are saved. It must be acknowledged that it is an utter impossibility for sinful mortals to understand, much less explain, the mystery of the holy Trinity. No mortal can comprehend the being of the infinite God. The doctrine of the holy trinity is, indeed, an unfathomable mystery.

      The Bible clearly and unmistakably teaches the doctrine of the Trinity. This is not a matter of guesswork. It is not a point of theological speculation or conjecture. 1 John 5:7 specifically and clearly states the doctrine of the Trinity; and throughout the Scriptures God reveals himself as a triune Being, one in three and three in one. All are equal in all things and co-eternal.


One in Three

When we say we believe in the Trinity of the divine persons, we do not mean that there are three equal, but separate Gods. We do not mean that there is one God manifest in three personalities. We mean that we worship one God in three divine persons: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The Divine Trinity is the union of these three Persons in one Godhead, so that all three are one God as to substance, but three Persons as to individuality. — Is this or is it not the doctrine of the Bible? That is the only thing that matters. Search the Scriptures, and see for yourself that the Word of God clearly teaches the doctrine.


Old Testament

The Trinity is a doctrine found in the Old Testament Scriptures as well as the New. In the self-disclosure, or self-revelation of God in the Old Testament, the Lord our God is always represented as one God, but always as one God with plural Persons within the Godhead (Deuteronomy 6:4; Genesis 1:1-2, 26). The Old Testament Scriptures constantly point us to the three Persons of the Godhead. We are often confronted with God the Father, the Spirit of the Lord, and the many pre-incarnate appearances of Christ as the Angel of the Lord.



One of the most common Hebrew words used for God is the word El. You find it in a thousand combinations in the Old Testament. The plural form of the word El is Elohim. This is the word used in Genesis one, where Elohim is used thirty-two times. In the books of Moses, Elohim is used more than five hundred times. In the Old Testament Scriptures, Elohim is used more than five thousand times. In all thirty-two times in the first chapter of Genesis, in all the more than five hundred times in the writings of Moses, and in all the more than five thousand times in the Old Testament, without exception, Elohim is used with a singular verb. Elohim, plural, referring to the majesty and abounding marvel and mystery of God, appears with a singular verb!

      The implication of that fact is obvious. The Lord our God, the Triune God, is one God; and this Triune God is the one true and living God. There is no other God.


New Testament

The New Testament clearly and emphatically declares the doctrine of the Trinity. No effort is made in the Word of God to prove the doctrine. It is simply stated as a matter of fact, a fact commonly received and believed by all who were numbered among the saints. It is presented, almost casually…

Š      In Connection with the Incarnation (Matthew 1:20-23).

Š      In Connection with our Lord’s Baptism (Matthew 3:15-17).

Š      In Connection with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Š      In Connection with the Savior’s Promise to send the Holy Spirit another Comforter exactly like Himself (John 14:16)

Š      In Connection with the Apostolic Benedictions (2 Corinthians 13:14).

      The New Testament declares that God the Father is God (Romans 1:7), God the Son is God (Hebrews 1:8), and God the Holy Spirit is God (Acts 5:3-4). Yet, “The LORD our God is one LORD.” The doctrine of the Trinity runs through all the New Testament (Luke 1:35; John 14:26; 15:26; Galatians 4:6; Ephesians 1:17; 2:18; 3:14-16; 4:4-7; 5:18-20; 6:17-23; 1 Peter 1:2; Jude 20-21; Revelation 1:4-6). Without question, the doctrine of the Trinity is a Bible doctrine.

      God the Father is all the fulness of the Godhead invisible (John 1:18). God the Son is all the fulness of the Godhead manifested (John 1:14-18). God the Spirit is all the  fulness  of God acting immediately upon the creature (1 Corinthians 2:9-10).”



Christ did not die for sinners to make God love them.  Christ died for sinners who God already loved from eternity.  Christ died to put away the sin of those God loves so that they could be brought to be with Him forever.

Pastor Frank Tate



“I suppose if any man looks long into the Doctrine of the Trinity, he will be like one who gazes upon the sun and will be, at first, bedazzled and then blinded by the excessive light. If a man asks that he may understand this great mystery, and refuses to believe until he does, then he will most assuredly be blinded! How can you, O man, hold the sea in the hollow of your hand? And how can you see God’s face and yet live? Indeed, blindness would follow upon a vision of absolute Deity, if such a vision were even possible. To dwell long upon the Doctrine of the Trinity, and to vex your mind with the various theories of that mysterious subject which men have imagined, is the sure road to Socinianism or some other heresy! But, to see God veiled in human flesh, and especially to see him revealed in the person of the dying Mediator, is to see God in the only way in which he can be seen by mortal men.”                                                         — C. H. Spurgeon





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September 18, 2016


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