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November 2, 2014


Either the Lord Jesus was made sin for us and our sins were transferred to him, or he did not bear our sins in his body on the tree, as the Book of God says he did, but only the consequences and effects of them.


Daily Readings for the Week of November 2-9, 2014

Sunday                John 9-10                                                      Thursday       John 18-19

            Monday                      John 11-12                                                   Friday             John 20-Acts 1

            Tuesday                    John 13-14                                                   Saturday                    Acts 2-3

            Wednesday  John 15-17                                                   Sunday                      Acts 4-5


·      We are delighted to welcome Bro. John Chapman back into our pulpit today. Bro. Chapman is an elder at Hurricane Road Grace Church in Ashland, Kentucky.

·      Bro. Larry Criss, pastor of Fairmont Grace Church in Sylacauga, Alabama, will be here to preach the gospel to you on Tuesday night.

·      I am preaching today for Robert Street Baptist Church in Dudley, England, where Bro. Norman Wheeler is pastor. I am scheduled to preach Monday and Tuesday for the Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.

·      The Lord willing, we will have a Thanksgiving/Christmas Church Family Dinner on Sunday, November 30th.

·      Shelby and I would like for you to join us for our annual Open House at the Parsonage — Sunday, December 14th, following the morning worship service.


Happy Birthday! Sandy Gladfelter-3rd

Church Cleaning in November: Lindsay & Diane Campbell

Nursery Duty this Week

Today: Shante’ Birchum (AM)  — Debbie Bartley (PM)  — Tuesday: Vicci Rolley


Behold, the Wisdom of our God! Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be? —LM)



1.    Faith all Jehovah’s works surveys,

With wonder, joy, and thankful praise;

But His salvation best proclaims

The pow’r and wisdom of His name.


2.    In Jesus blood atonement see

The wisdom of the Sacred Three:

Now God the just can justify

The guilty soul for whom Christ died!


3.    Behold that penetrating grace

That quickens all the chosen race,

Subdues the vile, imparts the good, —

This is the work of our great God!


4.    To new create a soul like mine,

Demands wisdom and pow’r divine.

Saved by free grace through Jesus’ blood: —

Behold, the Wisdom of our God!


Robert L. Poncer

1932 - 2014

A Tribute to a Faithful Deacon


It was my privilege to serve our God with Bro. Bob Poncer for almost thirty-five years. He was an exemplary man in many, many ways; and he was a faithful, exemplary deacon. Truly, he used the office of deacon well, for the glory of Christ, the benefit of his church, and doing everything he could to make his pastor’s work easier.



Everyone who visited Grace Church was welcomed by Bob and Sally Poncer. They both made it a point to greet our guests warmly. Bob and Sally always opened their home to guest preachers and their wives. Many have told me how delightful and blessed it was for them to stay with the Poncers. Every visiting pastor who stayed with them once, requested to stay with them again. Why? Because they so much looked forward to the mornings and prayer time at the Poncer breakfast table. What blessedness they have related to me, being led to the throne of grace as Bro. Bob prayed for them, prayed for God’s saints, prayed for his pastor, and prayed for lost souls who were about to hear the gospel.



Bro. Bob was especially the friend of our church children. He genuinely loved them; and they loved him. He made it his business to involve himself in their lives. He tried his best to attend every child’s school plays, recitals, awards, and graduations.

            But children were not the only ones served by Bob. He was always first to visit the sick, always first to call, always first in the hospital room, always first to give a helping hand, always first to serve.



Bob Poncer was a loving, faithful husband and father. He honored God in his house. In his greatest times of sickness and physical weakness, his first and most constant concern was Sally. He was always concerned much more for Sally’s welfare and happiness than he was about any affliction he was enduring.



My dear friend was one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever known. In all the years I was privileged to be his pastor, he and I never had a cross word. Never once did I hear him complain about anything. Never once did I hear him speak ill of anyone. Never once did I know of him engaging in gossip of any kind. When I suggested a work for our assembly to undertake, a project we should attempt, a missionary we should support, Bob Poncer enthusiastically threw himself into it and encouraged others to do so.

            Two years before his death, Bro. Bob lost one of his legs. He was never able to walk again without a walker. Even then, every step was difficult, very difficult. I estimate that it took him at least three hours to get dressed and get to our services. But Bob Poncer never missed a service, except when he was unable to attend; and he was usually the first or second to arrive. How I love and admire that dear man! How I thank God for making him so much a part of my life!



“The Manifold Wisdom of God”

“The Wrath of Man Shall Praise Thee” — (Psalm 76:10)

Is there any explanation for the existence of evil? Why did the holy Lord God allow sin to enter into and mar his creation? Why would a holy God permit sin to exist? Did he merely allow it? Did he merely permit it? Or, did he decree it, predestine it, order it, and ordain it? Either he could not prevent it, which is absurd, or he was determined to overrule it for good.

      What does God say about this matter? James tells us plainly that “the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God” (James 1:20). Yet, the Scriptures clearly assert God’s absolute control of all evil and display his wisdom and grace in using evil in the accomplishment of redemption (Isaiah 45:5-7; Proverbs 16:4; Psalm 76:10).

      The evil that is in man is in all things absolutely controlled by God. The evil deeds of men are sovereignly overruled by God and made to work for his praise. And the evil designs, desires, and intentions in men, which God will not use for his own praise, he sovereignly restrains.

      Do you see how great our God is? — With great sovereignty and infinite wisdom, he ordained that sin and evil and wrath enter into and mar his creation that he might overrule it to show forth the great glory and magnificence of his own Being in the accomplishment of our redemption by Christ Jesus! — And the evil which he will not use for his own praise, he will not allow. To put it in the words of the puritan, Thomas Manton, “God many times gets up in the world on Satan’s shoulders.”

      “Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.” — The Scriptures give us many clear and instructive illustrations of that fact.

·      God sent Satan to afflict Job so that Job might praise him (Job 1-2). But he would not allow Satan to destroy Job.

·      God ordained Joseph’s brothers to sell him into Egyptian slavery (Genesis 50:19-20). But he would not allow them to kill their brother. —— That Israel might be brought down to Egypt. —— That they might be bondmen for 400 years. —— That he might glorify himself in the deliverance of his people. Had Joseph’s brothers not sold him into slavery, Israel would never have gone into Egypt, Moses would never have become a deliverer, the Passover would never have been kept, and Israel would have never crossed the Red Sea.

·      God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and Pharaoh afflicted, persecuted, and tormented his church, that he might show forth his greatness, his power, and his glory in the overthrow of the mighty Egyptian monarch (Exodus 9:16; 18:11).

·      And God foreordained that the Jews and Romans crucify his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that he might by the death of his Son accomplish our redemption (Acts 2:23).

      “Of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory forever! Amen.


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November 2, 2014


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