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April 13, 2014


There are no prerequisites to faith in Christ. God does not tell sinners they must know this or that doctrine before they can believe. God does not tell us that we must experience certain feelings before we can believe. God does not tell us that we must pass through great times of darkness before we can believe. God does say in his Word, to poor, lost, ruined, doomed, damned sinners, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved!


Daily Readings for the Week of April 13-20, 2014

Sunday                1 Kings 4-6                                                   Thursday       1 Kings 13-14

            Monday                      1 Kings 7-8                                                   Friday             1 Kings 15-17

            Tuesday                    1 Kings 9-10                                                 Saturday                    1 Kings 18-19

            Wednesday  1 Kings 11-12                                              Sunday                      1 Kings 20-21


·      We will have a fellowship dinner together following our morning worship service on April 20th.


Happy Birthday!

Jayalita McCormack-14th      Denise Raneri-15th       Betty Groover-17th


Nursery Duty this Week

Today: Alexis Mason (AM) — Ruth Wall (PM) — Tuesday: Sherri Warta


The Wonders of Your Word I Sing — Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness — CM)


1.    Jesus, my God, my Friend, my King,

Whom heav’n and earth adore,

The wonders of Your word I sing,

And hope to yet know more.


2.    Your word in cov’nant undertook

To bring salvation in:

Your word upon mount Calv’ry shook

The gates of hell and sin.


3.    Your pow’rful word can intercede,

And grace Divine impart;

Can change the soul, supply its need,

And sanctify the heart.


4.    Your sov’reign word knows no control:

Its conquests none can tell:

Its triumphs reach from pole to pole,

To heaven and earth, and hell.


5.    Summoned by You, all worlds shall come,

And stand before Your throne:

Your word Your saints shall welcome home,

And bid Your foes depart.


“We see Jesus.” — Justice Satisfied

Hebrews 2:9-10


Let us meditate this day on both the necessity and the blessedness of Christ’s satisfaction of Divine justice by his death on the cross as our almighty, saving Substitute. O Spirit of God, give us clear understanding concerning this matter of great importance and deep, abiding gratitude for our Savior’s accomplishments at Calvary on our behalf. This is the glory of the gospel and the glory of the Christian religion. It is the satisfaction of Divine justice by the death of Christ that distinguishes Christianity from all other religions. Take the cross out of Christianity, take away the satisfaction of Christ by his death upon the cross, and Christianity is of no more value and benefit to our souls than Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism. It is of paramount importance, because without satisfaction for sin, there could be no salvation from it.


The Necessity

It was necessary for Christ to suffer and die on the cross under the wrath of God to save his people. He did not have to save us. But if he would save us, he could not save in any other way. Justice demanded it (Proverbs 16:6; 17:15; Romans 4:5; 1 Peter 3:18). This is what the Spirit of God teaches us in Hebrews 2:9-10.

      Since it was the design, purpose, and pleasure of the Almighty to bring some of the sons of men into eternal glory and happiness as the sons of God by Christ, it was necessary for Christ, the Son of God, to suffer all that the law and justice of God required for the punishment of sin, dying under the wrath of God as our Substitute.

      I am not suggesting that the satisfaction of Christ procured the love of God for us. It does not. The death of Christ is the fruit of God’s love, not the cause of it. But I am saying that it is the death of Christ and the satisfaction of justice by his death that opens the way for sinners to enjoy the glorious, saving embraces of God’s almighty, gracious arms. We could never have been reconciled to God without the shedding of Christ’s blood.


Every Believer

Every sinner who is reconciled to God by faith in Christ is included in the number of those for whom satisfaction was made at Calvary. John Gill wrote, “Have you any reason to believe that you have, at any time, had communion with God, in private or in public, in your closet, or in the family, or in the house of God, under any ordinance, either the ministry of the Word, or prayer, or the Supper of the Lord? Then you may be assured Christ has made satisfaction for you; or you would never have enjoyed such communion.” If you believe on the Son of God, he made satisfaction for you. I trust Christ. Trusting him, I am assured of my redemption by him. That is the peace and joy of my soul.

      What a horrible evil sin is! Nothing but the blood of Christ could make satisfaction for it. God almighty will punish sin. The death of Christ as the sinner’s Substitute demonstrates the strictness of God’s holy law. Yet, there is a way open for sinners to come to God. Christ is the Way. He has made satisfaction for sin. If you trust him, if you come to God by faith in him, he made



satisfaction for your sin!


Perfections Revealed

Let us ever and increasingly admire and adore the perfections of our God revealed in the gospel (Psalm 85:10-11). Admire his love! Adore his mercy! Rejoice in his grace! Stand in awe of his wisdom, holiness, justice, and truth! All shine forth gloriously in the satisfaction of Christ. —”For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the Captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.” Wisdom found a ransom. Holiness approved of it. Justice is satisfied with it. The gospel proclaims it!


The Preaching of the Word

1 Peter 1: 25

Pastor Darvin Pruitt


Someone said the word of God is like a large puzzle that is made up of a lot of pieces. Each piece is significant but only as it is connected to the whole. It is not until the pieces are assembled together that we can see the image which it was designed to display. There are exactly as many pieces in a scrambled puzzle as there is in a finished one. But there is a huge difference: One leaves you guessing and the other reveals the image.

Gospel preaching connects the pieces and reveals Christ in His glory. The Pharisees were experts on the pieces but ignorant of Christ. Most preachers and Bible teachers, in our day, are the same way. Like babies playing with the pieces they try to force things that fit which were never designed to be joined. Those who preach but do not preach Christ, do not preach the gospel and have no understanding of the word of God. The gospel that brings about the regeneration of Gods saints is “the word which by the gospel is preached unto you." (1 Peter 1: 25)


A Silly Question


Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?”(John 14:22)


Do you remember dog whistles? They emitted a very high frequency sound that humans cannot hear, but dogs can. The purpose for dog whistles is to make a way to call one’s dog without disturbing the neighbors.

Every once in a while a discussion rises over just how little of the truth one can believe and yet rightly be called a Christian. In truth, it is a silly question, for there can be no useful purpose served by the answer. If we discovered the answer, would we then confine ourselves to only that “essential truth” and preach no more? I hardly think so.

There is a better way to discover who the Lord’s are. The truth is like a dog whistle: all the Lord’s dogs can hear it, but no one else can. God calls his dogs, but the neighbors cannot hear it. We need not try to discover the lowest frequency that these dogs can hear but others cannot. Rather, we need only to take up that Divine dog whistle of the “whole counsel of God” and blow it. All those who come are the Lord’s dogs; all those who do not come prove they did not hear; and they did not hear because they could not hear: they aren’t dogs!                  — Pastor Joe Terrell


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April 13, 2014


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