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February 17, 2013


The liberty proclaimed in the year of jubilee, the liberty proclaimed in the gospel is the blessed liberty of grace; but it is liberty demanded by God’s holy law (Leviticus 25:1). — Justice satisfied demands the liberty of the justified.


Daily Readings for the Week of February 17-24, 2013

            Sunday                      Numbers 17-19                               Thursday       Numbers 30-32

            Monday                      Numbers 20-22                               Friday             Numbers 33-35

            Tuesday                    Numbers 23-26                               Saturday                    Numbers 36-Deut. 1

            Wednesday  Numbers 27-29                               Sunday                      Deuteronomy 2-4


·      I am scheduled to preach Friday-Sunday for Fairmont Grace Church in Sylacauga, AL Bro. Larry Criss is pastor.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Jerry Sadler-20th     Charlie Meadows-22nd



Today: Jenny Bartley (AM) Dee Dee Raneri (PM)          Tuesday: Debbie Bartley


Deliverance Secured — Don Fortner

(Tune: #268 — My Faith has Found a Resting Place — CMD )


1.    Oh, hear the sentence of God’s law:

“The soul that sins shall die!”

We’re fallen, guilty sinners all, —

Beneath the curse we lie!

No man can find a ransom price

For Satan’s captive slaves;

But Jesus, by His sacrifice,

The lawful captive saves!


2.    On wings of free, eternal love,

Our mighty Savior came,

Descending from His throne above,

To bear our sin and shame.

Made sin for us, God’s wrath endured,

He broke our prison chains:

Deliv’rance for His Church secured,

And now, to save, He reigns!


3.    Omnipotent and free His grace,

He has, He does, He will

Deliver all His ransomed race,

From sin, and death, and hell!

My soul on Christ alone relies,

Deliv’rance to obtain.

The soul that trusts Him never dies,

But shall the vict’ry gain!



A Tribute to My Pastor

Pastor E. W. Parks



Shortly after Selby and I were married we publicly united with Hillcrest Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC, where Bro. Ernest Parks was pastor. It was our privilege to sit under Bro. Parks’ faithful ministry for the next two and a half years while I finished college. I could not have been placed in a better situation by the providence of our God in which to be prepared for the work of the ministry.


      Even as a young man, I recognized the fact that we had for our pastor a man of tremendous integrity, faithfulness, and devotion. Our pastor loved our redeemer, the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace, and us. Bro. Parks recommended that the church license me to preach, recommended me to other men to fill the pulpits when needed, and introduced me to numerous other faithful gospel preachers. Sitting at his feet, I learned from his example what a pastor must be: a devoted student of Holy Scripture, a man of study, prayer, and sound doctrine, utterly devoted to Christ, his church, and the preaching of the gospel.


      Bro. Parks was my pastor when I was ordained as a pastor. I continued to grow in respect for him through all these years. Unknown to most, he was known well and admired by the pastors, churches, and missionaries influenced by his life and ministry. In all the years I’ve known him, I never knew Pastor Parks to behave in any manner that was inconsistent with the gospel he believed. I never knew him to compromise any point of doctrine, bend any conviction, or in any way seek the favor of men.


      My pastor was a man of principle. He honored God and God honored him. He and his wife, Louise, were blessed with six children. All three of his sons are gifted gospel preachers.

·      Missionary Daniel Parks — St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

·      Pastor David Parks — Lexington, KY

·      Philip Parks — Tyler, TX


      After starting Goldfloss Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC and pastoring that young assembly for three years, Bro. Parks accepted the call to be pastor of Little Sewell Baptist Church in Rainelle, WV. He served that congregation for nine years, until 1966. In 1966, Bro. Parks returned with his family to Winston-Salem to assume the pastorate of Hillcrest Baptist Church, where he remained pastor until he was 87 years old, retiring in 2008.


      How I rejoice at the thought of my pastor’s joy in the presence of our Savior as I write this brief tribute, asking his God and my God to give me a portion of that grace he bestowed upon Bro. E. W. Parks and enable me to follow the example he set before me until my appointed work is done. I thank God for the influence of this faithful man; and I thank this faithful man for his ministry to and lifelong influence upon me.



A Law for Religious Legalists

“Ye shall not rule over one another.” (Deuteronomy 25:46)


Religious legalists, Pharisees, love to invent laws and try to enforce laws upon others. They love to sit in judgment over others and quickly make determinations as to whether a person is saved or lost, holy or unholy, sanctified or unsanctified based upon their observation of that person’s obedience or lack of obedience to their rules, laws, customs, traditions, and opinions. To all who love law and like to think yourselves holier than the rest of us poor rakes, here’s a law I would love for you to at least try to obey. — “Ye shall not rule over one another.” Wouldn’t that be delightful!





Missionary Daniel Parks



Law of works (Romans 3:27)

Law of faith (ibid)

Law of sin and death (Romans 8:2)

Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus (ibid)

Law of the killing letter (2 Corinthians 3:6)

Gospel of the quickening Spirit (ibid)

Law of the ministry of death written and engraved on stones (2 Corinthians 3:7)

Gospel of the more glorious ministry of the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:8)

Law of the ministry of condemnation (2 Corinthians 3:9)

Gospel of the more glorious ministry of righteousness (ibid)

Law of the yoke of bondage (Acts 15:5,10; Galatians 4:21-5:1)

Law of liberty (James 1:25; 2:12)

Law of commandments contained in ordinances causing enmity …

now abolished by Christ through the gospel (Ephesians 2:15)

Law revealing knowledge of sin (Romans 3:20).

Gospel revealing righteousness of God (Romans 1:16f).

Law made for the unrighteous (1 Timothy 1:9-11)

Gospel given so the unrighteous can become righteous (Galatians 3:8f)

Law requiring doing, not faith (Galatians 3:12)

Gospel requiring faith, not doing (Mark 16:15f)

The law of Moses was weak through the flesh (Romans 8:3).

The law of Jehovah is perfect, converting the soul (Psalm 19:7).



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February 17, 2013


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