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May 13, 2012


Sorrow would never afflict us if sin did not infect us.




Daily Readings for the Week of May 13-20, 2012

    Sunday                  2 Chronicles 8-11                           Thursday       2 Chronicles 23-24

    Monday                  2 Chronicles 12-15             Friday             2 Chronicles 25-27

    Tuesday                2 Chronicles 16-19             Saturday                    2 Chronicles 28-29

    Wednesday          2 Chronicles 20-22             Sunday                      2 Chronicles 30-32



  • I am preaching today for Shoalhaven Gospel Church in Nowra, (N.S.W.) Australia, where Bro. Angus Fisher is pastor.
  • Tuesday night Bro. Todd Nibert, pastor of Todds Road Grace Church in Lexington, Kentucky, will be here to preach the gospel to you.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Cynthia Blakely-14th    Emit Long-17th 



Today: Dee Dee Raneri (AM) Vicci Rolley (PM)          Tuesday: Debbie Bartley


Christ’s Entrance within the VeilDon Fortner

(Tune: When I Can Read My Title Clear #497 — CM)


1.    Christ Jesus entered once within

The veil with His own blood;

Our great High Priest, our Sacrifice,

Appears before our God.


2.    By His own blood He has obtained

Eternal redemption;

Almighty grace, almighty blood

Obtained our redemption!


3.    Our Savior did what we could not —

He brought in righteousness;

Christ paid the debt we never could —

He satisfied justice!


4.    We are secure, we need not fear

Our banishment from God,

While Christ, our Advocate on high,

For us pleads His own blood.


5.    Lord Jesus, Savior, Son of God,

We live by Your shed blood;

We lift our hearts to praise You for

Your great, redeeming blood.



The Veil of Separation

Hebrews 9:3


In the tabernacle of the Old Testament the Lord God was set forth as One separated from his people, dwelling in the holy of holies, separated from the holy place, which was called “the sanctuary,” and from the rest of the tabernacle by a thick veil.


Within that inner sanctuary, which was called “the holiest of all,” God dwelt alone. His presence was symbolized by the Shekinah glory dwelling above the mercy-seat. No man dared enter that holy place except the high priest of Israel. He was allowed to enter only once a year, on the Day of Atonement, and then only with the blood of the sin-atoning sacrifice.


That veil represented the separation of man from God, the division that sin had made, and told the people that man, because of his sin, had no way of access to the holy Lord God. Yet, even in the symbolism of that thick veil, a hint was given that a way of access to God would soon be made. Man was separated from God in the holy place, not by a brick wall or an iron gate, but by a veil, a temporary divider. And that veil was lifted once a year, so that the high priest might go in and draw near to God as the representative of an elect nation.


To those who had eyes to see the implication was clear: When Christ, the Lamb of God, was come, sinful men and women would be able to come to God through him.


Three hundred and sixty-four days a year the teaching of the veil was, “No admission! Sinful man cannot come near the holy God.” But one day every year the corner of the veil was lifted, and the high priest entered in with the blood of atonement. On that one day, the teaching was, “There is One coming, an High Priest over the house of God, through whose blood atonement a way shall be opened by which sinful men and women can approach the holy God and be accepted.”


The priests, the holy place, the most holy place, and the sacrifices of the Mosaic economy were only temporary types and symbols of that which was to come. “But Christ being come” has fulfilled them all. “By his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us” (Hebrews 9:12). Do you see that? The Lord Jesus Christ has obtained eternal redemption for his people. His blood has opened a way for sinners to approach God and be accepted of him. — “O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph!” (Psalm 47:1)



“He Entered in Once into the Holy Place”

Hebrews 9:12


When the Lord Jesus Christ entered into heaven, to appear in the presence of God as our Advocate and High Priest, he perfectly fulfilled the typical significance of the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16. By the merits of his blood he obtained eternal redemption for us.


By what sacrifice did Christ enter within the veil? — “His own blood.” Our Savior did not literally carry his blood into heaven to sprinkle it upon a literal mercy-seat. (He is himself our mercy-seat!) Christ entered into the holy place by the virtue and merit of “his own blood” poured out unto death at Calvary.


It was the blood of an innocent man, shed for the sins of guilty men. It was the blood of a man who is God. Therefore it is of infinite value. It was the blood of a substitute. Christ died in the stead of his people. The blood of Christ is efficacious blood. When he shed his blood the law of God was fully vindicated and satisfied.


How did the Lord Jesus Christ enter within the veil? — “Once!” When our Savior cried, “It is finished,” the work of redemption was fully done. Nothing can be added to it. Nothing can be taken from it. And it will never need to be repeated. His sacrifice had an immediate and everlasting efficacy. By it the salvation of his people was secured.


Why did Christ enter in within the veil? He entered in (1) to make an atonement within the veil (Hebrews 9:23), (2) to perpetually appear in the presence of God for us (Hebrews 9:24), (3) to perfect forever his own elect (Hebrews 10:14), (4) to abide there as a priest upon his throne (Hebrews 10:12-13). And (5) Christ entered in within the veil so that we who believe might have the same nearness to God that he has (Hebrews 10:21-22). We are now accepted with God, accepted by the virtue of Christ’s blood. And that acceptance never varies!


What is the result of our Lord’s entrance within the veil? — He “obtained eternal redemption for us!” Redemption is deliverance by the payment of a price. Christ delivered us from the curse of God’s holy law by paying the price of infinite satisfaction — “His own blood!” And the redemption which is obtained for us is an “eternal redemption.” It is by an eternal purpose, of eternal consequence, and has an eternal duration.



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