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June 5, 2011



Let us never imagine that God’s mighty operations of grace are limited to our awareness of them. Our mighty Savior goes through all the world in His “chariots of salvation” conquering chosen, redeemed sinners by His grace, adding to His Church “daily such as should be saved.



Daily Readings for the Week of June 5-12

Sunday                Job 8-11                                                                    Thursday                   Job 28-31

            Monday                      Job 12-15                                                      Friday             Job 32-36

            Tuesday                    Job 16-21                                                      Saturday                    Job 37-40

            Wednesday  Job 22-27                                                      Sunday                      Job 41-Psalm 5



Š      Conference Offering — The dates for our Bible Conference are September 2-4. The Lord willing we will receive a Special Conference Offering Sunday, June 26th.

Š      Bro. Frank Hall is preaching today for Fairmont Grace Church in Sylacauga, Alabama. Bro. Larry Criss is preaching for bible baptist church in Madisonville, KY.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oscar Bailey-6th  Nathaniel Duff-6th  David Peterson-12th



Today: Vicci Rolley (AM)   Ruth Wall (PM)          Tuesday: Shelby Fortner


Let Us Our Conquered Foes Pursue — Don Fortner

(Tune: #44 — And Can it be that I Should Gain— LMD)


1.    When freed from Satan’s tyrant hand and join-ed to Emmanuel’s band,

A long and bitter war begins, with mighty foes and mightier sins.

Jesus, our Captain, leads the way and bids us fight and win the day.

He is our Armor for the war. His presence strikes our foes with fear!


2.    In Zion’s camp, the trumpet’s blown. ‘Tis here our Captain’s pow’r is known;

Here He sends out His mighty Word. And conquests great attend His Sword.

On Calvary our Captain stood, and gain’d the vict’ry with His blood,

He fought, He bled, He died, He rose, and triumph’d over all our foes.!


3.    Now, tho’ the soldiers of the cross must fight, yet they sustain no loss:

Our Captain leads us to the field; and ev’ry enemy must yield!

Let us our conquer’d foes pursue: Our Savior’ honor keep in view;

Our mightiest foes He’ll trample down, then place on us the conqu’ror’s crown.


            Commenting on John 19:11, Robert Hawker wrote, “Jesus looked over the heads of all His foes, to eye the hand of Jehovah in this appointment. And it would be always well for you and for me, and for all the Lord’s people to do the same, in all the lesser considerations we meet with in life.”




Upcoming Sovereign Grace Bible Conferences


June 9-11 — Glory of Christ Conference

Kansas City, Missouri

Speakers: Darvin Pruitt, Steve Carpenter, Don Fortner

Contact: John CarpenterTelephone: 816-690-3497



June 17-19 — Lantana Grace Church

Crossville, Tennessee

Speakers: Wayne Boyd, Bruce Crabtree, Milton Howard, Todd Nibert

Contact: Pastor Donnie BellTelephone: 931-788-6195



July 1-3 — Rescue Baptist Church

Rescue, California

Speakers: Norm Wells, Gene Harmon, Don Fortner

Contact: Pastor Gene HarmonTelephone: 530-677-2486



September 2-4

32nd Annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference

Grace Baptist Church of Danville

Danville, Kentucky

Contact: Pastor Don Fortner — Telephone: 859-236-8235




“Sound Doctrine”


Speak thou the things which become sound doctrine.” (Titus 2:1)


There are but two forms of religion in the world. One is true. The other is false. One is saving. The other is damning. One is “sound doctrine,” the doctrine of Holy Scripture, the “doctrine of God our Saviour” (Titus 2:10). The other is false doctrine, “the doctrine of vanities” (Jeremiah 10:8). Those two forms of religion are free-grace and free-will.


      Free-grace declares that salvation is the work of God alone. Free-will declares that salvation is, at least in part, the work of man. Free-grace declares that salvation is conditioned upon the obedience of Christ alone as the sinner’s Substitute. Free-will declares that salvation is ultimately and finally conditioned upon the obedience of the sinner himself.


      Any doctrine that makes salvation, eternal life, acceptance with God, and the reward of the heavenly inheritance to be dependent upon, or determined by you, at any point or in any measure, is contrary to sound doctrine. To receive, believe,  or embrace such doctrine will be damning to your soul  (Read Galatians





      Here are five points of Divine truth by which all doctrine must be examined. Anything that is contrary to, or in any measure diminishes these five points of sound doctrine must be rejected as heresy.


1.    Total Depravity — All men by nature are both sinful and helpless, because all are spiritually dead (Matthew 15:19; Romans 5:12; Ephesians 2:1-4). Spiritually dead sinners are utterly incapable of doing anything to give themselves life.


2.    Unconditional Election — God, from eternity, chose a people in Christ whom He determined to save, without consideration of anything in them or anything that might be done by them (John 15:16; 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14; Romans 8:28-30; 9:13-24; Ephesians 1:3-6; 2 Timothy 1:9-10). Apart from God’s electing love there would be no hope for any sinner.


3.    Limited Atonement — Christ died for and redeemed His elect, all His elect, and only His elect. The benefits of Christ’s death are limited to the elect; and His death effectually secures their everlasting salvation (Isaiah 53:8-11; John 10:11, 15; Hebrews 9:12). There is not a hint anywhere in Holy Scripture that the Son of God died for, made atonement for, and tried to redeem those who at last perish in hell. To make such a blasphemous assertion is to declare that Jesus Christ is not God. God cannot fail. And it is written of our great Redeemer, “He shall not fail!” “He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied!” We rejoice to know that the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ shall never be discovered a miscarriage!


4.    Irresistible Grace — God the Holy Spirit calls sinners from spiritual death to spiritual life in Christ by the power of His omnipotent grace, which cannot be successfully resisted by those who are “the called” (Psalms 65:4; 110:3; John 6:63; Ephesians 2:8-9). God the Holy Spirit does not try to persuade sinners to come to Christ, if they will. He makes them willing in the day of His power and fetches them to Christ!


5.    Perseverance of the Saints — Every sinner chosen by God the Father in election, redeemed by God the Son at Calvary, and called by God the Spirit in grace shall persevere in grace unto eternal glory, because they are all preserved and kept by grace (John 10:27-30; Jeremiah 32:38-40).


      If any man preaches “any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine” (1 Timothy 1:10), he is a false prophet and a deceiver of men’s souls. He is not to be heard, let alone supported, by any who care for their souls. What should our attitude be toward such? — Let him be damned. That is not a conclusion I have reached. That is the conclusion the Apostle Paul reached by Divine inspiration. You will find it written in Galatians 1:6-8. — “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”



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June 5, 2011


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