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May 16, 2010


What is preaching? It is expounding the Scriptures, testifying of our experience of grace in the kingdom of God and persuading sinners to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 28:23).


Daily Readings for the Week of May 16-23

Sunday                2 Chronicles 20-22                         Thursday                   2 Chronicles 30-32

            Monday                     2 Chronicles 23-24                         Friday             2 Chronicles 33-34

            Tuesday                    2 Chronicles 25-27                         Saturday                    2 Chron. 35-Ezra 1

            Wednesday  2 Chronicles 28-29                         Sunday                      Ezra 2-3


Š      Our Quarterly Fellowship Dinner is scheduled for Sunday, May 30th.

Š      Bro. Larry Criss is preaching today for Bible Baptist Church in Madisonville, KY, where Bro. Maurice Montgomery is pastor.





Today: Shante’ Birchum (AM) Anne Peterson (PM) Tuesday: Celeste Peterson


When Judah’s Lion Rose — Don Fortner

(Tune: Am I A Soldier of the Cross? #414 )


1.    The secret councils of the skies

A seal’d volume lay,

For who was worthy to arise

And take the seals away?


2.    The listening seraphs bowed amazed;

And quiet were the throngs,

Who on the sacred volume gazed,

While silence sealed their tongues.


3.    But, oh, when Judah's lion rose,

What shouts of praise resound,

For He was worthy to disclose

Divine decrees profound!


4.    Worthy the book of life to read,

And count the worthless names

To everlasting life decreed, —

Secure from Tophet's flames.


5.    Worthy to reign in Glory now,

Great Sov’reign of the sky,

While angels at Your footstool bow,

And lift Your glories high!



“The Revelation of Jesus Christ”

Revelation 1:1


     The Book of Revelation gives us seven visions of the Person and work of our great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, in this gospel age. In these seven visions the Lord revealed to John what he had done, is doing and shall hereafter do for his church, in his church and with his church.


     The whole purpose of the Book is to assure God’s children in this world of their ultimate conquest over the world, the flesh and the devil. Our translators call the last book of the Bible “The Revelation of Saint the Divine,” and many refer to it as “The Book of Revelations” (plural). Both are incorrect. The final book of Holy Scripture is the revelation (singular) of our blessed Savior. God the Holy Spirit specifically gives it this title: — “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” (1:1).


     By revealing to us who he is and what he does, our Lord calls for us to ever look to him with confident faith, and assures us that we are “more than conquerors through him that loved us.”


Seven Visions


The seven visions John saw and recorded by Divine Inspiration are set before us in consecutive order in the twenty-two chapters of this Book. He saw...


1.  The Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of his churches, the seven golden candlesticks, in this world (chapters 1-3).

2.  The Lamb of God opening and fulfilling the seven sealed book of God’s sovereign, eternal purpose (chapters 4-7).

3.  The Lord Jesus answering the prayers of his people, protecting them from their enemies and vindicating them by executing the seven trumpets of judgment in his providential rule of the universe (chapters 8-11). God’s judgments upon the world are but God’s vindication of his elect.

4.  The Son of God and his church persecuted by Satan, world government and false religion, the war between Christ and Satan (chapters 12-14).

5.  The Lord Jesus sending forth his angels to pour out the seven vials of his wrath upon the earth (chapters 15-16).

6.  Christ’s conquest over Babylon (all false, freewill, works religion), the beast and the false prophet (chapters 17-19).

7.  Christ’s glorious dominion over and destruction of Satan and the glory of the New Jerusalem (chapters 20-22).


      These seven visions each cover the whole gospel age from the first to the second coming of Christ. They do not represent different ages, dispensations, or prophetic events. They all tell the same story. They all tell us what our Lord has done, is doing and shall do for the salvation of his people.


The Number Seven


      The use of the number “seven” in the Book of Revelation is striking. There are “Seven Golden Candlesticks,” “Seven Churches,” “Seven Stars,” “Seven Seals,” “Seven Trumpets,” “Seven Angels,” “Seven Vials.”


      Seven is the number of perfection, completion and satisfaction. And in each of these seven visions, the Holy Spirit assures us of the perfect rule of Christ as the Monarch of the universe for the complete victory and eternal salvation of his church. What a blessed assurance that is. Christ has prevailed! Christ is prevailing! Christ shall prevail!


      The number of the beast, we are told, is 666 (Revelation 13:18). Six is the number of man, the number of frustration, failure and defeat. God’s elect have nothing to fear from him whose number is six!


Our Comfort


      When your soul is heavy, when your life is filled with chaos, when darkness blackens your sky, when everything in your life seems to be turning upside down, and confusion seizes your very soul, lift up your eyes unto the hills and hope in God our Savior, who closes his Book with “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” “the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,” who has prevailed to fulfil all the good will and purpose of God for your soul. — Behold the Lamb upon his throne and rejoice. Be easy, O my soul: — The Lamb of God who loved me and gave himself for me sits upon the throne of heaven! — “The Lord God omnipotent reigneth!” Let us be glad and rejoice!





Have you found life in your hand?

Isaiah 57:10


            Sadly, the vast majority of people are never brought to their wits end and never come to Christ, because they find life in their own hand. They never imagine, with regard to themselves, that “There is no hope,” because they always presume that there is. Are you such? Are you so foolish, so proud, so arrogant?


If you are, I know the reason. The Lord God himself exposes you. — “Thou hast found the life of thine hand!” You are not grieved over your sin because you presume that you are good. You do not mourn your guilt because you have none. You do not come to Christ because you do not need him. Being ignorant of the righteousness of God, you go about trying to establish your own righteousness. By your imaginary righteousness, by the sorceries and vileness of freewill, works religion, you “debase yourself even unto hell.”


            The Lord Jehovah warns you, “I will declare thy righteousness and thy works,” exposing them for the sham and pretense they are; “for they shall not profit thee!




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May 16, 2010


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