I realize that there is a great division among religious people over the doctrine of Christ's atonement. I am very sorry such division exists, but it does. The great majority of religious people believe what is called UNIVERSAL, or GENERAL REDEMPTION. They believe that the Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood for every person in the world and that the intention of Christ in his death was the eternal salvation of all men. Here are three inescapable conclusions which must be accepted by all who believe that doctrine.

1. If it was the intention of the Son of God to redeem and save all men and yet some are not saved, then THE PURPOSE OF CHRIST IN HIS DEATH HAS BEEN FRUSTRATED!

2. If the Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood to save every person in the world and some of those for whom He died go to hell anyway, then FOR THOSE WHO PERISH, CHRIST DIED IN VAIN!

3. If Christ died to make atonement for all men and to save all men, and some yet perish under the wrath of God, then CHRIST FAILED IN HIS MISSION - HIS WORK OF REDEMPTION IS A FAILURE!

     These blasphemous absurdities no child of God can tolerate. They rob Christ of his glory in redemption, destroy the foundation of hope for sinners, and call into question the very Godhood of our Savior. If he is a failure, if he fails to save all whom he came to save, he is not God! Yet, if the doctrine of universal, general redemption is believed, these blasphemous conclusions must be accepted.


Donald S. Fortner, Pastor


2734 Old Stanford Road

Danville, Kentucky 40422