The Root Of Unbelief


Two things are at the root of all unbelief. Two things keep sinners from trusting Christ: A good opinion of self and a bad opinion of God. So long as these two things exist it is impossible to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have a good opinion of yourself, you vainly imagine that it is possible for you, by something you do, or feel, or experience to win God's favor. If you have a bad opinion of God, you are unwilling and afraid to believe that he will freely and unconditionally forgive all your sins forever by his grace through the merits of Christ alone. Therefore, you are unwilling and afraid to trust Christ alone as your Savior, unwilling and afraid to trust him alone as your Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption. It is the work of God the Holy Spirit, in conviction, to alter your good opinion of yourself and your bad opinion of God. Thus he makes chosen, redeemed sinners willing to trust Christ in the day of his saving power. First, he alters your good opinion of yourself, so thoroughly convincing you of sin that you see the impossibility of your pleasing God. Then, he alters your bad opinion of God, convincing you that he is truly a God of grace, able and willing to save sinners freely for Christ's sake.


Don Fortner