Modern religion has done everything possible to silence the voice of God's servants. Most churches expect a pastor to be a good social worker, counselor, entertainer, and sick-room visitor. He is expected to spend his days and nights keeping people happy he is expected to do everything except what he is supposed to do! THE PASTOR'S PLACE IS IN HIS STUDY! Basically, the work of the ministry is threefold: PRAYER, STUDY, AND PREACHING! A faithful pastor must spend much time in prayer, seeking the welfare of the Lord's people and a message from the Lord for them. He must spend the bulk of his time in study, seeking knowledge and understanding in gospel truth. And he must devote himself to preaching. HIS ONE BUSINESS IN LIFE IS TO PREACH THE GOSPEL! Other things are meaningful and important, but they should be taken care of by deacons and other men in the church. "It is not reason that we should leave the Word of God and serve tables...But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word" (Acts 6:2,4).